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Power up your business with cutting-edge software solutions that drive efficiency, profitability and customer experience.

At IRMCS, we understand your business needs. Driven by Aralco and Wavetec, our digital solutions are customized to enhance your operations and deliver results.


Innovative and highly specialized, both brands have a proven track record spanning 3 decades in diverse industries.





Aralco’s user-friendly multi-channel retail systems enable you to tackle business challenges quickly, accurately, and affordably. Wavetec enhances customer experience, improves service efficiency, and increases revenue with queue management systems, appointment booking, digital signage, and more. 

Let us partner with you in creating a feature-rich, integrated management software solution - designed for your precise business needs. 




Aralco Retail Systems



Wavetec Queue Systems



Self-service Kiosk Systems

Mike - Owner of Krusty’s Bicycles

We like easy-to-use software. Yes, Aralco is a powerful software system that can do many complex things; however, simplicity is key to us.

Joe Kang, Owner of Krafers' Paradise

Aralco's real-time reporting module is awesome! It is user-definable with extensive capabilities allowing us to analyze data dynamically.

Derek Carey, – Owner of Reflex Supplements

With over 20 stores and counting, having Araclo retail software system with the functionality for multi-store and multi-location is an asset to streamline our business.

Karanu Kibore, Federal Automotive Director

Forget about minimum or maximum and work on real-time stock modelling with Aralco's Auto Purchase Order - it is an amazing stock replenishment system! 

Susan Harvey, Fashion Addition Purchasing Manager

I love Aralco’s Reporting Systems – who bought what, when and where ?

Cameron Fraser, CF Interiors Operations Manager

Aralco's customer support is the best I’ve seen in business software - always friendly and fast to respond, especially in the odd times we have made errors that caused store panic. I would recommend Aralco to any growing business that requires options.

Colin Tan, Farm 'N Pantry Grocery Group Executive General Manager

Aralco is able to give us the real-time information we need to run our grocery business with its powerful and user-definable reporting systems. We would recommend IRMCS, whose team has been highly responsive and knowledgeable in Aralco Retail System.

Ms Oling Puspa Alamsjah, - Link Senior Merchandise Manager

Aralco has delivered operational efficiency from the back office to our front POS, and its comprehensive reporting module is an exceptional power tool for us.

Jeffrey Soh, - DOT Store Group General Manager & Business Co-Owner

Ever since we changed to Aralco in 2015, our team has seen lots of improvements allowing us to stay on top of everything, from back office to our retail space. I would strongly recommend Aralco Retail Systems because it is always evolving to meet our new challenges.

Sarah Bainbridge, - Audain Art Museum Director, Development & Marketing

Aralco has enabled us to activate our Point of Sale system easily and effectively, enabling us to efficiently handle large volumes of business in a short amount of time. The easy-to-use interface has been adopted quickly and is a powerful tool for data analysis and member management. We highly recommend Aralco for your organization!

Jonathan Miles Allum, - Little Farms Group Supervisory Board

Little Farms Group believes the​ Aralco Retail System​​ will allow​ us to sustain rapid operational growth due to the flexibility of the Back Office System interface to facilitate multiple retail units and business divisions

Jake Choung, - Korean Mart Chairman

We, at KMART are very satisfied with the smooth and steady progress in our business relationship with Aralco for more than 9 years. The results to date say a lot about the quality of work offered by Aralco. Therefore, we recommend Aralco as a high caliber provider for a wide range of inventory management and POS system requirements. 

Dave Milley, Source For Sports

We need to know what is going on in each of our stores in order to stay competitive. Aralco's system is powerful enough to do that for us.

Dharma Siwan, MJM Furniture Showcase

We’ve been working with the Aralco system for many years and have grown from 2 to 5 stores. Have we had any growing pains along the way? You bet, but MJM and Aralco have worked together over our 7-year relationship to solve them, which at the end of the day is all you can ask for in an important business partner.

Sara Samieian, Moe’s Home Collection

We are delighted with Aralco. Their support and training has been exceptional. They are prompt, professional and we love the fact that they can log onto our systems when necessary to fix problem.

Brenda Turnbull, Kerrisdale Cameras

I would definitely recommend Aralco Retail Systems to any business looking for a feature-rich point of sale and inventory control software.  It’s a positive addition to any retail environment.

Stephen McIntosh, The Factory Optical Group

We are very impressed with the flexibility and willingness to adapt that the Aralco development team has demonstrated. We remain strong endorsers of this company.

Dave Kershaw, Escents Aromatherapy

It’s way more than just an Automatic Purchase Order System.  It’s really a Demand Forecasting System that allows us to create automatic P.O.’s on intelligent data.

Lynda Barr, Dianes Lingerie

Aralco has been a saving grace. With inventory management in place, we can now focus on training our staff and serving our customers. Aralco is the foundation of our business.

Gary Brown, Coast Paint

I know I will get the support that I need. I don't want to deal with a company where I have to call an 800 number and hope that the person answering can help me. With Aralco, I'm dealing directly with the people who created the software. That makes me feel very secure.

Sarit Jain, Glam & Fame CEO

A significant area Aralco stands out from its competitors is in its after sales service and support.  It has always been quick, friendly and all issues get resolved.  They understand the urgency of a business to get the issues resolved in a timely manner and have never let us down.

Rick Boucher, Wood Floors by JBW Chief Operating Officer

The reports coming out of Aralco are EXCELLENT, the POS side works great - the store guys love it!  The commitment, service, and advice provided by the Aralco support team exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Aralco to any small-to-medium-sized retailer who is looking for a solution that will meet and deliver immediate results.

Krystyna, Cantu Bathrooms & Hardware

Aralco has been our software provider since 1992, and we have forged a really close relationship over the years. I would recommend Aralco to any retail business, whether they are new or just looking for a change.

Tony Aronson, Walk With Ronsons

We have basically built ourselves around the POS software system. We couldn't have made the leap to a second store and kept growing without Aralco.

Gary Mussatto, Co-founder of Toy Jungle

Finally, a system that does what it says it is going to do ! Aralco Retail System meets all of our needs, but they are constantly reaching for more. I am really happy about that.

Alex Barker, Obsession Gifts Shops

We felt it was very important to partner with a company that really cared about us and would be willing to help us in our desire to grow and thrive.

Robert Kent, Barkers Park CEO

Aralco has a product to be proud of ! Barkers Park's first day opening was a huge success and exceeded expectations, even though our staff had only 10 minutes of POS training. Many thanks to the team at IRMCS and Aralco who pitched in to make it happen.


For Small Retailers, Enterprise-level companies & E-Commerce


Powerful yet flexible, the Aralco Retail Systems is designed to perform in every capacity, from large multi-store networks with multiple POS registers using local area networking, to simple single-POS store operations communicating in real-time via the Internet. 



Aralco automates your business via a single platform with unified Inventory, Customer Management with Loyalty Program, and POS for retail, wholesale, and e-commerce channels.




Central Back Office


In-store POS System


Mobile POS & Inventory


E-commerce Store




Wavetec’s customer experience solutions ORGANIZE, ENGAGE and MEASURE waiting and disconnected service areas while enhancing customer experience at key touchpoints.

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IRMCS partners companies in taking their businesses to the next level. Over the years, we have been entrusted by large and small firms from diverse retail sectors to enhance productivity and efficiency throughout their operations, as well as shorten waiting times and drive customer satisfaction.

Click on any of our Aralco and Wavetec clients below to view our success stories and testimonials.

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