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B2B E-commerce Store API




Aralco's B2B E-commerce solution allows your B2B customers to log in to your website, and see all products with their assigned prices in the respective wholesale group price (not retail prices). If they do not log in, they will see Retail Prices.


They can also purchase goods online and pay using the “On-Account” option and the system will immediately check their Available Credit and accept their payment On-Account or suggest payment by other means such as Credit Card, Interact, PayPal, etc.


The B2B E-commerce is the collection center of your wholesale orders where it synced each new order data instantly to Aralco central database and the designated web POS for picking and fulfillment. This solution reduces the number of customer service employees who traditionally take corporate orders full-time by phone or email. Hence this frees up time for staff to focus on quality customer service.





Each wholesale customer can then log in at a later date to view their outstanding invoices and select the ones they wish to pay and use the secure payment portal (offered by your payment partner). 


Their successful payment will then be applied to their Accounts Receivable profile in Aralco Back Office System and reduce their balance automatically without any operator intervention.


Aralco's B2B online payment on outstanding invoices


This system has been developed in-house by Aralco using WordPress and Woo-Commerce, and other platforms will be introduced in the near future.

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B2B E-COMMERCE & Online Payment Integration



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