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Farm'N Pantry

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In early May 2017, Farm'N Pantry opened its first grocery store at Tanjong Pagar Center in Singapore with Aralco Retail POS Systems, connected to the Back Office Server in real-time via the Internet with VPN secured connections hosted by IRMCS.


Integrated Closed Cash Management

The Aralco POS terminals are interfaced to Cashguard Closed Cash Systems where payment by currency note and coins are inserted and recycled, and any change are automatically dispensed to the customers at each checkout. Cashiers no longer need to count float monies, cash tendered /change and the cash takings at the end of shift giving rise to accuracy and productivity.


Integrated Electronic Shelf Label Systems

The constant promotion and markdowns of SKU prices and new products are now maintained at the Back Office or at any remote computers and are "pushed" to the electronic shelf label (ESL) automatically at each store with great speed and saved lots of manpower every day besides absolute correct pricing information for customers at all times.


In-counter Bioptic Bar Code Scanner & Scale

To further improve speed and acurracy of transaction processing at checkouts, in-counter systems are in place with built-in bar code scanner and weighing scale for selling products by scanning the bar code labels or by weight, which are communicated via RS232C example 318 grams of Avocados  is electronically sent to the Aralco POS for auto-calculation of the SKU prices, at each point of sales terminal.



"Our CashGuard Cash Management Systems are interfaced to Aralco POS and works seamlessly to speed up all our cash transactions and stops us from worrying about handling cash.  Each cashier only has to log in and out of the system without counting and signing off on the cash balance.

Our ESL tags, interfaced to Aralco also saves us time and errors by seamlessly and automatically synchronizing product information, promotion and prices directly from our inventory database to the electronic price tags.

Aralco is able to give us the  real-time information we need to run our grocery business with its powerful and user-definable reporting systems. Its on-line infrastructure also allows us to respond very quickly across multiple stores and is ideal for chain store operations.

We would recommend IRMCS whose team has been highly responsive and knowledgeable in Aralco Retail Systems."  

-  Mr Tan, Executive General Manager, Farm 'N Pantry Grocery Group

11th September 2017


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Farm'N Pantry is part of an international company focused on fresh produce distribution to wholesale, retail and global markets. They are passionate about the produce they handle from field to plate, and pride themselves on mutually positive relationships with growers.