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Retail POS Systems for Grocery, Deli, Bakery, Food & Beverage




Aralco Retail Management and POS Software Systems have been developed extensively to meet the needs of grocery, deli, cafe and bakery businesses - managing your buying, monitoring and simplifies your day-to-day operations with its real-time two-way data synchronization between the central SQL database and each POS terminal via the Internet.

With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, Aralco retail software has a whole list of great tools to help your grocery business. It is imperative that your inventory stays current and accurate, your customers are loyal and you need intelligent reporting so you can make successful business decisions.





  • User definable weight conversion tables such as carton of 48 units, carton of 50kg, etc
  • Purchase order  management
  • Auto-stock replenishment systems
  • Shrinkage management
  • Supports mulitple suppliers per product
  • Supports multiple manufacturers' bar code numbers per product
  • Unlimited main and sub-category setup for product such as brand, country of origin, packing, etc
  • Purchase products in bulk and repackage for sale ( buy almonds in 10 kg bag, sell by the gram, have retail price per 100 g, and have inventory reports in kg )
  • Supports Gift Baskets or Fruit/Vegetable Baskets with automatic stock adjustments when sold at the checkouts
  • Preparation of recipes including weight, measures of food used, costing of cooked food recipes



Comprehensive Inventory Lookup with real-time stock units at hand and movement by locations at any POS or BOS workstations. Inventory Lookup is also available within the checkout process allowing cashier to instantly engage customer on the current stock availability:





With Aralco's in-store Interface, product data such as SKU or PLU numbers, Description, Price per kg or gram are transmitted to the Digi SM100 Scale/printer electronically over the local area network. With current product data on Digi SM100, the store user simply perform product packing with weigh-price-labeling easily with manual and auto mode options.

At the point of purchase by customers , cashier scan these "Price by Weight" bar code labels at the checkout lane and Aralco POS automatically interprets the product code, weight and the unit  price accurately and instantly




Aralco POS has ready interface for In-counter Scanner/scale from Honeywell, Magellan, KiloTech, Caszero, OhausAdventurer.

  • Five-sided, 360-degree scanning increases productivity in high-volume barcode scanning
  • Only bioptic device to offer pre-aligned optical scanning modules and independent scanning planes that maximize uptime and maintain productivity
  • Aggressive scan performance on high density and poor quality barcodes minimizes the need for manual keying
  • Flip-up weigh bar (single or three-sided options) allow your cashiers to accurately weigh oversized produce, reducing shrink loss


Note: In-counter Bioptic Scanner units are available without scale option.

Aralco POS's Interface for In-counter scanner / scale



Aralco Retail Systems offers variety of formats for direct output of shelf labelling to any standard A4 laser.


* Bar code printers' interfaces for in-store label printing are available for products without manufacturer bar code label. Label layout, font type and sizes are fully user-definable.




With the in-store Aralco's Electronic Shelf Label Interface, new products, markdown prices, product promotions are transmitted automatically to the local ESL Server which in turn broadcast these data to each electronic tags speedily.

The ESL in-store server system is a highly-customizable solution suitable for any retailer, it enables wireless instant update of label content effortlessly from an individual display to every ESL across the entire retail floors.


Read more about Aralco's ESL Interface.



Aralco Retail POS System is fully integrated with CashGuard Closed Cash solution to eliminate manual cash handling, providing seamless cash payment processing between the POS and CashGuard's note and coin dispensing systems.

With Closed Cash Systems at the checkouts, cashiers no longer need to organize till floats, count cash/coin or reconcile the till at the end of a shift as this is all done automatically by the systems. By displacing manual cash handling, cashiers cannot access cash like in conventional "till drawers" anymore, and all transactions are calculated and administered by the system removing the risk of pilfering from the till and mistakes. 


Read more about Aralco Interface for CashGuard Closed Cash Systems


With the complete integration between Aralco POS and In-counter Bioptic Barcode Scanners, Weighing Scale, Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) and Closed Cash Management Systems in place, it seriously maximizes in-store productivity, speed up checkouts and directly improve your customer shopping experience.


POS Operational Features

  • Friendly user interface - anyone can learn to use it in minutes
  • Ease of use with touchscreen option 
  • Multiple shifts per POS
  • Float and cash count by note/coin denominations at start and end of day (applicable only to standard cash drawers)   
  • Order and delivery management, with web on-line option
  • On-premises table and billing management (for bar and cafe)
  • Instant printout in bar or kitchens for expedited order preparation (for bar and cafe)
  • Comprehensive product search options
  • Comprehensive customer search options
  • Gift Receipt
  • Hold and retrieve transactions
  • User-definable POS Item Menu for setting up fast buttons for grocery items without bar code labels, and SKU sold be weight such as bananas, deli items, etc
  • 20 payment types - suppports multiple and unlimited tenders per transaction
  • Managerial access to stock transfer, stock receiving, stock adjustment and stock count processing
  • Managerial acesss to back office reporting on sales and stock performances


Promotions & Markdowns

  • Package sales such as set meal, bundles   
  • "Happy hour" price control by time, day of week
  • User-definable promotion definable by promotion names and prices, start/end date for brands, product categories, suppliers or range of SKUs
  • Preset quantity discount by group of items for upsell, example avocado at regular price $3.90 each - Buy 3 for $10
  • Automatic discount of perishable products by time, day of week i.e Quick Sell 30% Off or at markdown price


POS Item Menu for PLUs is User-DefinableBack Office Managed - POS Marketing Features:

  • Frequent shopper rewards/loyalty points systems
  • Gift card sales and usage tracking built-in 
  • Gift voucher sales and redemption management
  • Discount coupon management
  • Email broadcasting for electronic direct mail to your targeted customer base such as regular newsletter, promotions, announcements, reward points statement
  • Conditional Promotion - NEW!, read more on PWP, GWP, and other exciting new features


POS Security Features

  • Fingerprint scanning to identify staff and register their attendance and log in at the point of sale 
  • Fingerprint scanning for access rights to controlled areas of the program at the point of sale
  • All back office and POS critical functions are password-protected by user group
  • User definable access levels ensure only authorized entry to specific areas 
  • Passwords and access levels can be changed from back office as and when required


Back Office Reporting Features

  • User definable report generator
  • Create your own formulas
  • Report email scheduler
  • Cross tab reporting
  • Security access rights by divisions of your company such purchase department, accounts department, etc and by individual employee
  • Limitless database history for single and chain store
  • Interactive with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Words and PDF
  • BI Dashboard available on desktop computer, IOS and Andriod phones, etc


Other Essential Features

  • User designable data fields for profiling on product, customer and order or any transaction type 
  • In-store loyalty, membership card printing with customer's picture and web-cam option
  • In-store gift card printing
  • Card formats are fully user designable, support both bar code or magnetic stripe encoding for card and customer identity number


Account Receivables 

  • Manages deposits, credit limit, credit note, payment status of invoices and sales orders to generating Statement of Accounts.
  • Accounting interface options to Accounts Payable and General Ledgers


Supports Multiple Business Channel:

  • Retail 
  • Distribution
  • Ecommerce


Supports Mobile POS

Aralco offers mobile solution for simple and functional POS including stock processing features such as Purchase Order, Stock Transfers, Receiving and Stock Count - useful for pop-up stores, events and store-in-departmental store format.

The mobile solution is highly flexible,  user-friendly and it can run on any IOS, Android smartphones or tablets and handheld computers. 



Read about Aralco POS Overview


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