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Retail POS Systems for Grocery, Deli, Bakery, Food & Beverage



Aralco Retail Management and POS Software Systems have been developed extensively to meet the needs of grocery, deli, cafe and bakery businesses. 

It is imperative that your inventory stays current and accurate, your customers are loyal and you need intelligent reporting so you can make successful business decisions.

The Aralco systems manage your buying, monitoring of sales and margin, and simplifies your day-to-day operations with its real-time two-way data synchronization between the central SQL database and each POS terminal via the Internet. As a result, your sales, inventory and customer data is always up-to-date to keep your managers on top of everything in the grocery business.




Aralco's Inventory software is extremely robust and comprehensive in features that will help you manage all your inventory types easily without any manual tasks.


Here are some of the awesome inventory features that simplify your work every day:


  • User-definable UOM for Order, Inventory and Sell Unit, for example, buy in a carton of 48 units or carton of 50kg, sell price by Ea, Kg, etc
  • Purchase Order - local and foreign currencies supported
  • Supports multiple suppliers per product
  • Supports multiple manufacturers' bar code numbers per product
  • Purchase products in bulk and repackage for sale ( buy almonds in 10 kg bag, sell by the gram, have a retail price per 100 g, and have inventory reports in kg )
  • Purchase products in cartons, and sell by pack-of-6 or each or by weight
  • Purchase produce in whole units and sell in the whole or half unit such as rockmelons, cabbage, etc
  • Product's expiry date tracking by batches
  • Shrinkage management such as wastages, perishables, stock count variances, etc
  • The Kit Set module supports sales of gift baskets or fruit/vegetable baskets with automatic stock adjustments (in the kit set) when sold at the checkouts
  • Model Stock (MIN/MAX) Systems for re-ordering
  • Preparation of recipes including weight, measures of food used, costing of cooked food recipes


Read more about Inventory module





Aralco Retail Systems has all the tools to manage and control your stock processes accurately with the Back Office Systems (BOS) application available at any POS and BOS workstations. 

Stock processing functions can be recorded using the standard keyboard, barcode scanners, portable data collectors, IOS or Android mobile devices:

  • Purchase Order 
  • Goods Receiving
  • Inter-branch Transfer 
  • Stock Physical Count (full and cyclical)
  • Returns to Vendor
  • Quantity Adjustment
  • Average Cost Adjustment





Inventory Lookup with real-time data is available at the POS or at any BOS workstations showing stock units at hand for any SKU and its movement by location.

Hence your employees and cashiers are able to engage customers with current stock information, and at the same time managers have access to real-time stock status at every store to ensure optimal stock level.

          Aralco Retail Back Office Systems - Inventory Lookup 



This module is particularly a must-have tool for retailers with large inventory lines or a large network of stores as it can help recommend stock order or transfer requirements. The data generated is quick and accurate based on actual sales history, sales trend, stock at hand and numbers of days stock is required. 

The three options available are:

  • Auto Purchase Orders  - for re-stocking goods
  • Auto Stock Transfer - allocation for a new shipment of goods
  • Auto Stock Transfer - stock balancing among stores to manage over/under stock and broken size/color






With Aralco's in-store scale interface, data of products designated for pre-packing are imported by Digi SM100, or SM 5300 series of scale printers via the local area network at each store.

Information imported are -


  • SKU and PLU Numbers
  • Product Description
  • UOM (Kg, Gm, Ea, etc)
  • UOM Unit Price


With this interface, it eliminates the lengthy steps-driven programming of each SKU or PLU on the weighing scale unit. Pre-packed labels are scanned at the checkouts where Aralco POS will identify the SKU number, interprets the weight and the price.


Here are the variations of scale printers available to suit any grocery requirements -




Table-top scale printers for placement on the counter in the retail space or in the preparation room.






Perfect for placing on tall display-serve refrigerated counters in butchery or delicatessen section so that the rear display is at the eye-level view for customers.














Aralco POS has the interface options to connect directly to most scale models with RS232C connectivity -  this solution is perfect for customers who can pick up any amount of produce she or he needs that can be weighed later, conveniently at Aralco POS checkouts.

The cashier simply places the produce or any weight-based product on the scale's pan or platter, select the SKU on the POS or scan the barcode if available to have the weight value transferred to Aralco POS for price calculation.


Grocery POS sell screen - weight value transferred from scale unit.




Customers can see the weighing of the item clearly with the weight indication and pricing on any customer-facing display unit, and on the printed POS receipt upon payment.

Grocers can choose the 10" customer screen display type where customers see what is being scanned, registered weighed value and prices,  upsell advertisements or opt for the standard 2-line telescopic pole display unit - click on the images above and below to enlarge the POS screens. 



Here are two scale options for direct RS232C (cable) connection to Aralco POS terminals and this scale interface will take grocery checkouts to the highest level of speed and ensuring accuracy.





The 2-in-1 in-counter barcode scanner/weighing scale unit is the choice of grocers to save precious counter space, and for speeding up checkout processing accurately.

Aralco POS communicates with the in-counter barcode scanner/scale via the RS232C connectivity with any models from Honeywell and Datalogic.


The bioptic scanner detects every scan from its vertical or horizontal scanner hence it captures each barcode from almost any angle at incredible speeds, improving your customer's shopping experience in any demanding checkout environments -  units are available with and without the scale option.








Weighing scale models from other brands with the RS232C option, for data communication between computers and devices, can be interfaced with Aralco POS such as Mettler Toledo, KiloTech, Caszero, and Ohaus Adventurer.

Hence, grocers have many scale options to choose from to suit their counter space and budget.








Aralco Retail Systems offers a variety of formats for direct output of shelf labeling to any standard laser printer, and the Bar Code Label module has flexible options allowing users to print barcode labels for:

  • Any SKUs filtered by product code or brand, supplier or categories 
  • Goods Received Note
  • Transfer Note
  • Purchase Order 
  • SKUs by Price Change Date


Labeling can be generated from any Aralco workstations or POS stations.






Due to demands from grocers, Aralco has built an interface for any brand of Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) systems where product data with new or changed prices are automatically generated by the inventory system every other minute for "pickup" by the store' ESL server.


Read more on ESL Interface with Aralco.





User Definable Customer Demographics CRM


Aralco's CRM is extremely comprehensive and interacts with all modules and POS systems in real-time. With its customer-centric features, this tool can help boost profits in the long run by enhancing customer retention.




Read more about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module and User-definable Data Fields (UDF) to capture any demographic information of your customers.











Aralco Retail Point of Sale (POS) Software System runs in your retail stores with its own secured local database and functions independently of the central Back Office Server, therefore Aralco POS is always fail-safe should there be any Internet disruption.

Aralco offers comprehensive functionalities never available before in a single POS solution - easy to use and suitable for grocery retailers of any size.


Grocery POS Systems                                                                                                                                                               

Read about user-definable POS sell screen termed as Item Menu for fast touch-screen operations at the checkout.





Let Aralco manages and tracks your receivables, any outstanding payments from your customers seamlessly as the POS software is fully integrated with the Aralco back-office systems' accounting.


  • Manages payment status and aging of invoices to generating Statement of Accounts.
  • Accounting interface options to Accounts Payable and General Ledgers





Aralco Retail Systems has all the tools for upselling bundles, quantity discounts, markdowns, and all sorts of promotions that are centrally managed so that you can entice your customers with irresistible offers every day of the week.


  • Package for selling product bundling, set meals, etc
  • Sales of kit set such hampers, gift baskets with inventory auto-deduct or pre-assembled - read more
  • "Happy hour" price control by time, the day of the week, for example, buy any beer from 5 pm to 7 pm gets 50 cents off per bottle or can
  • Quantity discount for a group of SKUs or single SKU for example, buy an avocado at $3.90 and buy 3 avocados for $10 - read more
  • The automatic discount of perishable products by time, the day of week i.e Quick Sell 30% Off or at a markdown price
  • Coupons with purchase value and date validations - read more
  • Date-sensitive promotion for selected SKUs filtered by brands, suppliers or any categories - read more
  • Conditional promotions - set rules for any mix and match conditions such as buy any 3 bottles of red wine gets a bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin at 25% off  - read more







Aralco POS comes standard with a Loyalty Program to help you win over your customers' loyalty - you can create multiple reward plans to attract customers and drive up repeat visits to your stores.


  • Automated point calculation and redemption at each POS terminal, processed real-time seamlessly with data synchronized with the central Microsoft SQL database server across stores via the Internet.


  • In-store loyalty card printing with member's photograph with QR code or barcoded ID or magnetic stripe encoding












Gift Card is the perfect gift solution for your customers - sell, redeem the gift card at the POS checkouts with in-store card printing options.

Your existing customers buy the Gift Card at a value of their choice from your store as a gift for friends or family members, and in turn, the recipients of Gift Card becomes your new customers when they visit your store. 

Gift Card can be redeemed in part value against their purchase at any store POS and this gives recipients the reason to come back to your store again











The user access security in Aralco Retail Systems is role-based, simply assign each user to a user-defined BOS (Back Office Systems) and POS user groups such as Sales Associates, Supervisors, Store Managers, etc.

Within each BOS or POS group, you can enable or disable functions for users in the respective checklist - read more.


  • Aralco POS has an option for fingerprint scanning to identify staff for time attendance, log in and access rights to void transactions, refunds, discount, etc - read more
  • Employees at the retail store are able to log in to the BOS to perform tasks they are authorized to do so such as stock transfers or adjustments, print barcode labels, raise a purchase order to suppliers, etc
  • Passwords and access levels can be changed from back office as and when required by your back office administrator






Aralco Reporting Engine comes standard with 150 standard reports which are user-definable and you can create new reports easily on your own - without any programmers.

Besides reporting on the current year, you can generate year-on-year data on SKUs and any categories to compare historical performances as there is no limit to how much historical data can be stored in the SQL database server.


Here are some of the key features for flexible and deep reporting:

  • Tabular, Summary, Matrix, Chart & Cube reporting options
  • Create your own formulas in the reports
  • Report E-mail Scheduler
  • Supports images of products and customers
  • Interactive with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and PDF
  • BI Dashboard (Microsoft Power BI)


Your back office administrator can set up security access rights on reports by divisions of your company such purchase department, accounts department, etc as well as by individual employees.






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