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Ministry of Commerce & Investment

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According to Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is planning to diversify itself from an oil-run economy and develop public sector services such as tourism, education, infrastructure, and health. In order to make this possible, the Saudi government is focusing on bringing in ease of doing businesses and encouraging corporations to enter into the landscape. Ministry of Commerce and Investment will be the key driver of helping companies excel in the new policies.




Ministry of Commerce and Investment aids companies by helping them with the registration and other legal processes. From registering a new business to transferring ownership of existing to filing trademarks, the ministry sees a large inflow of people on a daily basis. To better serve the people at the ministry and maintain discipline, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has installed Wavetec’s Queue Management System.


Wavetec is a global leader in electronic Queue Management Systems and Self-Service Kiosks. With a focus on enhancing the customer experience, Wavetec believes in providing innovative and reliable solutions to help businesses streamline their workflows.


Ministry of Commerce and Investment has installed Wavetec’s Queue Management System with a sleek and smart Ticket Dispensing Unit, a 55” screen in the waiting area, an LCD Counter Display Unit attached to every counter with customizable messaging. The kiosks are multilingual with options for English and Arabic. Each counter also has a Customer Feedback Unit to record visitor’s experiences. At each location, there are multiple counters for different services serving up to 300 customers per day.



Queue Management Solution


The visitor arrives at one of the locations and takes a ticket from the kiosk installed at the entrance. The kiosk has 50 categories to choose from with a counter allocated to each category. The person takes a seat in the waiting area and watches instructional videos on Wavetec’s Digital Signage. Once it is his turn, the ticket is called upon through the counter display unit installed on top of each counter. The person avails the service at the counter and leaves feedback on the tablet at the counter. The feedback is accessible to the management on the Spectra portal.


Spectra is an advanced reporting tool with live dashboards showing all the important information collected through the Queue Management System. This includes daily tickets served, average waiting time, number of people waiting at any given point of time, and satisfaction measured through the customer feedback tablets. Spectra helps the management to take better and timely decisions in improving the customer experience.


With the help of Wavetec’s Queue Management Solutions, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has been able to:

  • Ensure organized queues
  • Reduce waiting times
  • Reduce chaos at the center
  • Access live statistics to help the decision-making process
  • Educate people on the processes via signage














Aiding the business community of Saudi Arabia is one of the key priorities of the government and Wavetec’s Queue Management Solution has helped them largely improve the experience at the Ministry of Commerce and Investment. This ensures the government increases the ease of doing business and brings Saudi one step closer to its Vision 2030.