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Retail & E-commerce Unified

Aralco Retail Systems connects all your inventory and customer data to all your online and in-store sales channels, with an API for integrating your existing or new CMS and E-commerce to synchronize all data from the Aralco's central SQL database to your web server every few minutes.

Your web server can be coded to receive inventory data from a warehouse or any location, and SKU can be flagged as Out Of Stock on your website when stock is low or when depleted, or completely removing it from the web store automatically.



Web orders submitted are automatically synced from your web server to Aralco Retail Systems for inventory adjustments with customers' details, etc in the central SQL database.  A pick list is then generated for the warehouse to fulfill each order at a designated web POS. 

Customers can shop to earn loyalty points and redeem points with you anywhere, and even return or exchange what they have purchased online at your brick-and-mortar store.

Explore more on manage products and customers in one place with Aralco API for E-commerce.







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