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The perfect gift solution

Gift card is the perfect gift solution for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. When customers purchase your store's gift card to give it to a friend or associate, they immediately become promoter of your brand. Gift card recipients are bound to visit your stores resulting in increased sales revenue.


Gift cards are fast replacing traditional paper-based gift vouchers or certificates. It was first introduced in the USA, subsequently Europe, and has been a phenomenal success. Ever since Gift Cards have become a unique electronic approach to gift-giving and receiving.



With Aralco Retail Systems, retailers can now move away from gift vouchers and develop their branding campaign further with eye-catching cards for customers to purchase as gifts - for family and friends - for that special occasion and any festive season. 


Aralco provides a complete Gift Card Solution from card production with a graphics image to card activation when purchased by customers at the POS. It also manages data mining, statement review/printing, and card transaction processing at the point of sales. 



Aralco Processes Gift Card
Real-time Across Stores



Simply, a Gift Card allows the customer to pay for a certain value of merchandise upfront. In turn, gift card recipients can use the card value to buy whatever they want at the POS in any store where the cashier simply scans the unique barcode number on the gift card and the Back Office server will instantly check its fund balance.


Since the Aralco POS supports multiple payment types, the transaction can be paid in part with the gift card and any balance of the purchase can be completed with cash and/or credit cards.




Admin-free HASSLE-Free


There is no manual administration involved in a gift card - the customer simply selects the card they want to present as a gift, determines the dollar value, and point of sales staff just activates it through the Aralco POS terminal. 


The entire process is automatically tracked by Aralco BOS and you can develop custom reports detailing everything from the number of cards activated, cards re-loaded, and statements to customer purchasing habits.



Find out how to unify Gift Card seamlessly with Aralco Retail POS Systems.


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Posted Date: Jun 1 2022