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Cquick Cash Deposit Machine - CDM

CQuick Cash Deposit Solution


Facilitating secure cash transactions & convenient bill payments



Handling and making cash deposits is already a tedious task. Our CQuick Cash Deposit (CDM) and recycling machines are designed to alleviate this, by achieving the ultimate merger of self-service and in-branch convenience.






Industry-leading Cash Deposit
Solutions for Banks & Agent Networks





Azimut, a subsidiary of Wavetec, develops and manufactures self-service cash deposit solutions to digitize your branch experience, helping you support meaningful visitor experiences while meeting the demands of a new generation of clients.


Banking is evolving fast – from Fintech and Neobanks to online channels meeting everyday financial needs. Consumers expect their banks to conduct operations as top technology brands would. CQuick recognized and adapted to this need for digital engagement, adhering to a singular cost-efficient solution for all cash transactions. The goal is always to optimize the customer experience!




Digitize &
Human Experiences



Waiting in queues for simple tasks such as depositing cash, can be cumbersome and better spent elsewhere. Our Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) accepts deposits in bulk, reduces time spent queueing and enhances the deliverability of services offered.


We have designed our cash recycling and depositing solution with one key goal – to automate the cash handling process. For by recycling cash and upgrading branch analytics, Wavetec can help you reduce costs and raise profitability.


Bill Payment Kiosk


Wavetec cash deposit machines double as bill payment kiosks allowing customers to do way more than just deposits. The self-service kiosks can be programmed to accept payments against phone bills, utility bills, and top-ups in the form of cash, credit & debit cards, and mobile wallets. This enables customers to pay bills at any hour of the day instead of being confined by the operating hours of physical branches.


This is made possible by our dynamic kiosk software ViaOS, a robust operating system that uses the client’s existing APIs to connect to existing backend systems like national identity databases and organizations that provide utilities like electricity and water.


Empower your customers to pay their bills, be it utilities or educational fees, seamlessly within minutes at our bill payment kiosk without the need to wait in long queues or interact with bank staff. This ensures a secure and accurate transaction where human error is of no concern.




Enterprise Software Solution & App Store


Open from the ground up


We have built an SDK into our machines, with open standards and open APIs. And if you have existing assets in Android or Web technologies, your machines can re-use these – be it for agent on-boarding, card or bill payment, cash management or ERP integrations. One machine, limitless possibilities.







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