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IRMCS Marketing Team is constantly working hard to reach out to you and in this section, you will find our product videos on Aralco Retail Systems and from our industry partners.


April 2020





Zebra TC20 Mobile Computer puts all the features you need to save time and money, increase sales, and boost profitability in your store, right in the palm of your hand - perfect for use with Aralco Mobile Systems.


April 2020





Video presentation on Grocery POS software modules from Aralco Retail Systems with weighing scale options & power features needed to optimize operational efficiency & growth for grocery stores, butchery, supermarkets, and delicatessens.


January 2020




All our clients' private virtual and database servers are hosted at 1-NET Data Center strategically located in the north of Singapore, and 1-NET is the first uptime institute certified Tier III constructed facility in South East Asia.


November 2019



Fixed Barcode Scanners from Datalogic for convenient & fast checkouts.



November 2019



Cashier Training Video on Magellan 9800i Bioptic Scanner and Scale wih TDR (Top Down Reader) from Datalogic.


October 2019

Vensafe dispenser from StrongPoint handles products of different sizes and shapes. It’s optimized for tobacco, razor blades and any items easily stolen in-store.


September 2019


EloPOS - The versatile EloPOS System combines modern aesthetics, modular flexibility, and commercial-grade reliability.



January 2019

Check out Zebra's latest Card Printer ZC Series! Available in Q3 2019
Read about Aralco's Gift Card printing option with Zebra Card Printers


June 2018

Socket suite of wireless barcode scanners is compatible with Aralco Mobile Systems.

January 2018


Video on Grocery Retail POS Systems, CashGuard and Essential Options jointly produced by IRMCS and StrongPoint.

Read more about Aralco Retail POS for Grocery


July 2017

Video on CashGuard - Stop Cash Handling, Start Cash Management by our partner, StrongPoint.

Read more about Aralco POS's Interface for Closed Cash Management Systems.

June 2017

Video on MP 7000 Scanner & Weighing Scale from our partner, Zebra Technologies.
Read about Grocery Retail Systems from Aralco.


November 2016

Watch Aralco Retail POS and CashGuard's Cash Management in action.


November 2016

Introduction Video on TC51/TC56 Touch Mobile Computer by Zebra Technologies.


May 2016

Video on how the pairing of a new product is done on a price tag with the Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Systems.

Learn about Aralco ESL Interface for automatic and seamless SKU information and price update direct from Aralco Retail Systems to the ESL tags at every store.