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Customer Feedback Devices


Customer Feedback System DevicesCustomer Feedback Devices That Gauge And Exceed Expectations.



Record, monitor, and act on customer feedback from all touchpoints and channels in real-time, in order to ensure that your service standards meet and exceed consumer demands.


Keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers expect from your business and stay ahead of the curve!









Standing Device Solutions


The products on offer in this category include:


Opinion Plus Kiosk – 43” screen 
Opinion Plus Kiosk – 17” screen 
Opinion Plus Stand – 10.1” screen with stand












Desk Device Solutions


The products on offer in this category include:


Opinion Plus Tablet – 10.1” screen 
Opinion Plus Tablet – 7” screen






DEVICE Branding & Design Customization


Branding strategies today are the culmination of years of evolution and development – but two aspects, competition and brand awareness, have stayed the same.


With our solutions, you can build a unique brand identity for your business with customizable branding options. 



Create a delightfully integrated experience


Customer needs and expectations are constantly evolving, and thus customer feedback is vital for customer-centric businesses.


Wavetec’s Opinion Plus is the key to extracting data about customers’ experiences and finding out what they expect from you.



Your product, your choices! Personalize based on the following categories:


Color Variants – choose from unlimited color options
Logo Placements – add your logo of choice
Customize UI – create custom UI, controls, & libraries that embody your brand 
Brand Building – add promotional messages








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