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FAQ on Aralco Retail Systems






How extensive is IRMCS coverage in Asia for Aralco Retail Systems? 

IRMCS is the authorized and exclusive distributor for Aralco Retail Systems in the Asia Pacific and we have deployed Aralco Systems in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and as far as New Zealand.

Software support comes directly from our Singapore Headquarters or from our authorized partner in each respective country.


How can I see the software?

On the IRMCS website, simply go to the CONTACT US page, fill out the contact form to let us know more about your business requirements for submission to us, and our team will get back to you shortly for scheduling an initial e-meeting or online demonstration.


How can my organization be sure that your retail system meets all our requirements for my specific industry?

Information on vertical sectors in the retail, distribution, and service industries we served is published on this website. By clicking on your industry listed there, you will find comprehensive features complying with your requirements with all the bells and whistles.


How do I discuss my specific needs and get a personalized demonstration?

We can demonstrate our software via Zoom, MS Team Meeting, or Google Meet on any specific parts of the program and answer all your questions. 


Can I use my existing hardware?

Yes, provided they meet the hardware specifications. POS peripherals such as printers, scanners, pole displays, and cash drawers can be utilized, so long as they are supported by Windows operating systems. Please email us if you have specific questions.


What is the minimum requirement on hardware and server?

Specifications on both hardware, server, database, and operating systems are published on our website. Click here to get to this section on the servers, POS terminals, and workstations.


Can I purchase my own hardware?

Yes, provided they meet the hardware specifications. Any Windows supported peripherals can be used, and please email us for further information.


Does IRMCS supply the hardware?

We certainly do. Our recommended hardware is of the commercial grade for 24/7 reliability and top-notch performance for Back Office, Point of Sale stations and other POS peripherals, with on-site support during warranty period.


Who takes care of the hardware warranties?

If you purchase your hardware from IRMCS, all hardware warranties are with the manufacturer and we will arrange for technicians to repair or replace the components according to the terms of warranty provided by the manufacturers.


Who services the hardware?

If you purchase the hardware from IRMCS, we will arrange for technicians to service your hardware.


What happens to all my existing data?

As long as you provide us the data in a standard (ASCII, Access, SQL, DBF, XLS) format we will be able to convert the data into Aralco database specifications. Please inquire for cost estimates.


We add new products every week/month, is there a data import function available to upload new products quickly and accurately?

Certainly, we do have an optional Data Import Wizard module where you can use it frequently to import new products with costings, user-definable categories, manufacturers' bar code numbers, images, etc; new suppliers and customers from our standard templates in Excel formats.


Can I still use my existing barcodes, do I have to re-print them all over again?

Provided you can give us the list of your barcode numbers along with the product information, we can link them into our system so that when you scan your old barcodes, we can recognize them and relate them to the new numbers.


Can IRMCS host our server/database since my company does not have internal IT resources/manpower?

We do provide Virtual Private Server (VPS) and database hosting services for a monthly fee at a data center located in Singapore. In fact, the majority of our customer base uses our VPS and hosting services.


Can you install my software without traveling to my locations?

We install all software including server, POS and Back Office workstation using high-speed Internet directly from our office. We do not need to travel in order to perform any software installation. We can also give you access to the installation program via the Internet so you can install your POS and Back Office software (applicable to advanced IT users only) in your own time.


Can Aralco Retail Systems support single-POS stores as well as some stores with multi-lane POS checkout requirements?

Aralco POS Systems suits any store environments regardless of the number of POS in each store and it is configured one-time simply on each POS settings - check this out https://irmcs.asia/blog/single-pos-multi-lane-pos-checkouts-retail-store.





What about training? What options do we have?

Training can be done in several ways:
  • One-on-one at your place of business
  • At IRMCS, or at any other desired location
  • Group training at any preferred location
  • Live, over the Internet & telephone  
  • Web-based training videos 
  • Combination of any of the above.


Who helps us with the database setup like departments, product setup, etc and make sure we are on the right track?

Our retail trained staff will assist you in the initial design of database setup and your data entry plans. This will be part of our setup and training services.


Who sets up my reports?

The Aralco system has a built-in report generator. You are not required to purchase any external programs to create your exact desired reports. As a part of our setup and training services, we will provide you an extensive list of preset reports designed for the retail industry. You can use these preset reports, and tailor them to your requirements. You can also create, modify and maintain your own reports.


What Accounting System can I use?

We provide an export interface from our database to various accounting systems such as QuickBooks©, Simply Accounting©, Accpac©, and Sun©. We are not limited to any particular system, however, and can provide the necessary link to your desired program.


Who helps me when I have questions?

As a part of our permanent support services, you simply call our support line and talk to a live operator or contact our retail system consultants directly.


Do you do any customization to fit your software to my business needs?

Absolutely. Our organization has always been customer-oriented. We have always encouraged our clients to let us know what they require. Whether you make a suggestion on improving the program functionality or requiring a new way of doing things to improve business, all suggestions are recorded in a database and are queued for programming of the next versions.


If I make suggestions to improve the software, will they be done and is there a charge for the modifications to me?

For any industry-wide program improvements, there is no charge to our clients, as this is included in our support. If your company needs a specific change to the program, it will be looked at on a case by case basis.


What are your hours of operation for support?

IRMCS supports full retail trading hours from 9.00 am to 10.30 pm, Mondays to Sundays including Public Holidays.


How often are upgrades available when we are subscribed to ARALCO Software Upgrade Plan?

All software upgrades are available via the Internet directly into your machines. The frequency of upgrades depends directly on our clients. The more changes you request, the more often we issue new versions of our program.


How do we install the upgrades?

All new software versions are downloaded by IRMCS for final beta testing and upon passing various checks, your Aralco Retail Systems will be upgraded for you by IRMCS.



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