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Retail Systems for Pet Store and Grooming Center


Aralco Retail Management and POS Systems has been developed extensively to meet the CRM, inventory and grooming service needs of the Pet's Industry.

Product Setup and Inventory Features

  • Inventory management with capability to generate user-defined barcoded shelf labels
  • Centralized or de-centralized purchase order management 
  • User-defined product groups on each category of merchandise to identify brands, country of origin, fabric, material, nutritional information, etc 
  • Supports multiple suppliers per product
  • Supports multiple manufacturers' barcodes per product
  • Manages consignment goods and payables upon sales
  • Min/Max stock level by product and company level
  • Supports non-inventory services like nail clipping, ear cleaning, styling, bath, day-care, pet pick and delivery taxi, etc


Auto Stock Replenishment (Just-In-Time)

  • Auto purchase orders for re-stocking
  • Auto stock balancing among stores to manage over/under stock



  • Reports are user-defined
  • Create your own formulas in reports
  •  Performance of grooming stylist and commission
  • Best & worst selling items
  • Inventory & sales report 
  • Profitability, cost of goods sold
  • Year on year, month on month analysis
  • Graphical reports
  • Cross tab reporting
  • Report scheduler
  • Interactive with Microsoft Outlook
  • Outputs report as HTML, CSV or to Microsoft Excel, Words or PDF 
  • Report security access rights by individual and group of employees 


Marketing Campaigns, Promotions and Customer Relationship Management

  • Setup of grooming or product packages for up-sell to pet owners
  • Setup of quantity discount group for range of merchandise
  • Tag along promotion 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) offers user-defined database/screens/reports not only to capture demographic profile of pets' owner but also information about his/her individual or multiple pets like the names of pets, breeds, age, behavioral, medical condition, etc  
  • Filter and reports on customer demographic data for target marketing and use Aralco Systems to broadcast mass emails such as newsletters, birthday specials, promotions, best buys and any announcements 
  • Membership systems is interactive with webcam to capture picture of pet or its owner for in-store card printing.  
  • Design your own in-store membership or loyalty card with user definable tools from Aralco 
  • Create screens capturing pre-paid grooming packages, linking to pets and owners, to give you proficiency in managing past, subsequent redemptions and visits 

 User defined screen to capture pet's data and package status


Other Point of Sale Features

  • Account Receivables, Credit Note
  • Loyalty Program
  • Gift Card
  • Gift Certificate 
  • Employee attendance in/out at the POS using biometric fingerprint scanner eliminates 'buddy punching'. This option also allows fingerprints to be used as an alternative to user name, passwords, swipe cards and tokens where employee cannot bypass it at the POS - giving you optimum security.


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