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Mobile Systems

In response to market demand from in-store retailers and distribution businesses for a mobile solution, an extensive R&D was undertaken by our development team in Canada resulting in the new  Aralco Mobile Systems.

Aralco Mobile System is the perfect application for van salesman, pop-up store, store-within-a-store,  in-store add-on, trade show or showroom. Using the latest in mobile development technology, the Aralco Mobile System links your mobile phones or any handheld computer terminals to key functions within the Aralco Retail systems.

Imagine taking a physical count from your iPhone, or looking up product information for a customer anywhere on any mobile device or process an urgent purchase order on your Android phone.
There's a little something for everyone in the new Aralco Mobile Systems and the mobile application connects real-time to the central SQL database server just like the in-store POS.



Aralco Mobile POS solutions allow you to process and complete sales transactions anywhere your customers are on your IOS or Android devices. Simply scan SKUs, process payments, and print receipts with all the features you need.


  • Product Lookup
  • Inventory Lookup by Location
  • Customer Lookup
  • Customer Purchase History Lookup
  • POS Sales Processing
  • Returns
  • Discounts (Manual/ Preset Promotions/ Customer Groups)
  • Sales by Serial # and Lookup ( watches, appliances & electronic)
  • Sales by Grid Matrix ( apparel & footwear)
  • Sales by Weights & Measures (grocery) 
  • Quote Entry and Transfer to Desktop System for Processing
  • Order Entry and Transfer to Desktop System for Processing
  • Gift Card Sales and Usage as a Tender Method
  • Assign Loyalty Points on Purchases and Usage as a Tender Method 






Manage your inventory right from any Android or IOS devices with Aralco Mobile Systems to perform physical counts, transfers and purchase order or receiving new arrivals. Aralco Mobile Systems gives you real-time data on your inventory status and letting you check instantly on prices, availability, and quantities across your stores.


Product Look-ups are useful in retail stores, showrooms and warehouses to better serve customers and for sharing product images, price and other information simply using your mobile device without the need to have access to a desktop computer.


Inventory Look-up
Real-time inventory look-up for one or ALL store and/or warehouse locations.


Physical Counts
Physical Counts can be done with Bluetooth scanners which can verify the product information instantly including product image and other relevant information. 


Inter-store Transfers

Store Transfers can be done with Bluetooth scanners for output to any available network printers.





From the back of the store, to the sales floor, and everywhere in-between, you need robust mobile device solutions to empower your workforce to improve work process efficiencies. IRMCS carries full range of mobile handheld computers, bar code scanners and printers from our leading technology partners,  designed specifically for retail providing superior reliabiltiy, ease of use and point of sale mobility. 








Contact the IRMCS team for more information.



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Real-time Data

Multi-location Inventory Management

Purchase Management

Conditional Promotions Management

Distribution and Accounts Receivable Management

Customer Relationship Management

Membership Systems

Gift Card 

Gift Certificate

Gift Registry

Loyalty Programs

BI Dashboard

Centralized Store & POS Management

Cash Management with Note/Coin Recyclers

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Systems 

In-counter Scale + Scanner

Weighing Scale + Bar Code Printer

Customer-facing Display Solutions: 2-Line and 10" screens

Traffic Counter

Accounting Custom API Interface

Ecommerce Custom API Interface



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