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Aralco Retail Management & POS SystemsIn response to market demand from retailers for a mobile solution, extensive R&D was undertaken by our development team in Canada resulting in the new  Aralco Mobile Systems.


Aralco Mobile System is the perfect on-the-go application for stock processing, sales transactions, or looking up information on inventory or customers suitable for pop-up stores, store-within-a-store, in-store add-on, trade show, or showroom. 


Using the latest in mobile development technology, the Aralco Mobile System links your mobile phones or any handheld computer terminals to communicate directly with the main central DB server.




With the real-time connection to the central DB server, you can manage your inventory right from any Android or IOS device. Aralco Mobile application provides comprehensive Lookup functions letting you check information instantly on your customers, prices, and stock availability across your stores.


On top of this, you can use the mobile application for efficient stocktake counting or stock transfer processing connected directly to the DB server via mobile devices, paired with wireless barcode scanners. This saves precious time as users can now scan/save products from shelf to shelf and they no longer need to save data on separate portable data collectors for subsequent uploads to desktop computers.



mPOS video 2
Real-time Inventory Lookup for one or ALL stores, including warehouse locations.
mPOS video 2
Stock Count
Physical Count uses Bluetooth barcode scanners.
mPOS video 2
Customer Lookup with real-time information.












Aralco Mobile POS solutions allow you to process and complete sales transactions anywhere your customers are on your IOS or Android devices. Simply scan SKUs, process payments, and print receipts with all the features you will need.


The Mobile POS software systems are designed to accommodate the whole spectrum of retailing capturing sales of any standard SKUs as well as those products that require tracking inventory movements by Serial Numbers, Color/Size dimensions, and Weight or Length.



Transactions are synced in real-time from the mobile systems to the central DB server to update your sales, customer, and inventory status giving you full visibility across the entire business.




Sell regular SKUs by scanning or keyboard inputs
Sell by Serial Numbers
Sell by Dimensional Products (color/size)
Sell by Weight (Bluetooth scale option is available)
Sell by Length
Quote Entry and Transfer to Desktop System for Processing
Order Entry and Transfer to Desktop System for Processing



mPOS video 2
Mobile POS



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