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Mobile-Q App - Virtual Mobile Queue Solution


Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management System


Mobile App
Queue Management


Mobile-Q is a mobile-integrated queue management system to minimize waiting times, streamline your customer flow and present your customers the option to virtually join a queue before physically arriving at your branch.


Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management System



Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management System       




Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management System



The Future Of Virtual Queuing is Here


Mobile-Q provides a touchless experience that eliminates the pain of waiting and facilitates a seamless customer journey.


With Wavetec’s mobile queuing app, your customers can choose their desired service branch, get directions, receive SMS / Text message notifications, and have a ticket-saved place in the queue, all before they even arrive.




Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management SystemWavetec Mobile App Queue Management SystemWavetec Mobile App Queue Management System




with Wavetec’s Queue
Management System
Queuing System
Contactless Queuing


Digital Signage for Queue InformationWavetec Mobile App Queue Management SystemFeedback System integrated with queue management software




With Digital Signage for
Queue Information
Live Queue Status & Notifications
on WhatsApp
Integrated with a Real-time
Feedback System


Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management System



Never make your customers
wait in a queue again!

Reach Out To The Digitized Future



Mobile-Q is a third-generation queuing system that allows customers with a smartphone to obtain a ticket for the nearest branch, and queue remotely for their turn while continuing their activities, running their errands, etc.


Customers are also notified of, and able to view queuing information in real-time. Your staff has a live dashboard to keep track of queuing numbers, wait times, and service times.





Why Choose Mobile Queuing For Your Business?

We have your contactless, virtual and safe queuing needs sorted!


Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management System




Mobile-Q Empowers Your Customers


Mobile-Q is the bridge between the evolving user and the physical world, allowing customers to take power back from tedious waiting and queuing - aimed at eliminating crowded service areas and physical lines.



Instant Notifications


Get instant push notifications of your position in the queue. Configure calendar notifications and set alarms to ensure you don’t miss your slot.


Know Your Wait Time


The app can estimate customers’ wait time and average service time.


Endless Marketing


By integrating with Wavetec’s customer experience platform, marketers can unlock new channels to reach out to customers. Mobile-Q is also customizable based on the business’s brand and identity.




Gather insights from a range of dashboards and reports courtesy of our Spectra reporting platform. Uncover trends and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.


Geolocation Service & iBeacons


Mobile-Q allows you to find the branch closest to your location. Once you enter, iBeacons can notify staff of your arrival.




Mobile-Q allows you to obtain valuable insights into your organizational practices by integrating all touchpoints and channels. To provide maximum support for interfacing, the Mobile-Q App can be seamlessly integrated with other technology platforms such as POS terminals, CRMs, and Wavetec Queue Management System.

This facilitates you with a 360-degree view of your customer’s experience, paving the way for effective improvements.








Wavetec Mobile App Queue Management System



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