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Aralco's Inventory Management software offers comprehensive features to help you track inventory in multiple locations, re-order points, cycle counts, shrinkages, stock replenishment, and the bottom line are to ensure that you have enough inventory on hand in the right location to meet demand.

Aralco uses the perpetual inventory method where inventory quantity is continuously updated at the central database server when goods are sold at each POS, goods are received from suppliers or transferred from location to location, adjusted or written off. Therefore, from the back office to every POS in stores, Aralco provides your employees with real-time data on inventory status so that they can instantly interact with customers on current information accurately.  




Over the years, Aralco has successfully helped different retail sectors to enhance the inventory software with unique features specific for their industry, hence Aralco Retail Systems is bound to meet all of your inventory requirements.


  • Product Dimension keeps multiple details per product such as size, color, & length with grid matrix setup, and this enables fast inventory lookup for quantity sold, ordered and available by style's dimensions for selling, transfers, replenishment, and etc at each store and warehouse location- read more.


  • Lot or Batch Number for Traceability so that if it turns out that a specific batch was defective, you can quickly locate all affected items. This is the purpose of inventory traceability by lot number.
  • Serial Number which uniquely identifies the item, and there can only be one item with a specific serial number. This allows stock count by serial numbers as well as the fast lookup for the date of purchase by serial number for repair within the warranty period - read more.
  • Weight and Measures definable for any products to be purchased from suppliers and sold to customers in different units of measurement example by weight or length or volume - read more.
  • Expiry Date Inventory Management is for industries requiring to record inventory and sales by Expiry Date - you can receive items by existing “Expiry Date” or create a new Expiry Date during the Goods Receiving Process. Reports are available to show items that are either expired so they can be removed from the stores, or about to be expired for price markdowns.


  • Product Configurator is designed to manage furniture products such as a sofa with a variety of non-stock options such as fabric choices or leather grades, colors; leg options, etc, and only required them when sold with the sofa. Therefore, this module supports Cost and Price jumps for every different configuration, eliminating the needs to create hundreds and even thousands of products/SKUs in the inventory systems - read more.




This feature is available at any POS and BOS workstations or with Aralco Mobile Systems on-the-go for looking up stock availability of an individual stock item among your store locations, down to size and color or serial number, lot numbers or expiry date.

It provides you with an immediate real-time inventory status by product or SKU eliminating long search time - giving retail staff the tool to respond quickly to customers, and as a result, it improves the customer shopping experience.  

Explore Inventory Lookup further for your industry.  



Aralco keeps an electronic audit trail of every product from first goods receipting, movement between locations, returns, adjustments, a sales order to a sales receipt. 

It can give you complete information in chronological order with click and drill-down to many layers of details associated with the product - there is no limit to data storage or the years of historical information on products.




  • Pre-set ideal inventory levels by product and location are ideal for retailers who order repeat items
  • Model stocks by store type allow multi-location operations to reduce data entry and monitoring
  • Reports of shortages/overages in current on-hand-levels provides alerts for management
  • The report also shows shortages/overages at different store locations to drive transfers of product from over-stocked stores to under-inventoried locations
  • Reduces need for markdowns, prevents over-ordering




Aralco offers automatic stock replenishments based on factors such as past sales history, trend-based year-on-year data, stock at hand and numbers of days stock is required. 

A must-have tool for retailers with large inventory lines or a large network of stores to ensure optimal stock level to meet demand accurately, preventing out of stock or overstock.

The three options available are:

  • Auto Purchase Order for re-stocking
  • Auto Stock Allocation for a new shipment of goods
  • Auto Stock Balancing between retail stores to manage over/under stock, broken size/color



Goods receiving process allows data entries via standard keyboard, bar code scanners and portable hand-held terminals:

  • Receive products into inventory from outstanding purchase orders, backorders, or directly (without a P.O.)
  • Accept entire order with one keystroke or change in the event of discrepancies
  • Identify back-ordered products, if the policy allows
  • Centralized or de-centralized receiving i.e. receive goods at POS terminals, at warehouse/s or at the back office



  • Stock transfer processing allows data entries via standard keyboard, bar code scanners, and portable hand-held terminals.
  • Transfers can be initiated or completed at the POS terminals or BOS workstation
  • Transfers can be completed at stores for increased efficiency
  • Transfer Report allows monitoring from Back Office
  • Real-time communication ensures all locations can view and receive transfers instantly



  • Supplier landed or average cost for each product
  • Utilize supplier price lists to generate landed costs using a multiplier
  • Unlimited price levels by customer group or date sensitive promotions
  • Original price or the current price can be used for the retail value of inventory
  • Multiple selling price zone
  • Selling prices in different currencies based on store locations anywhere in the world




  • Stock quantity adjustments (increase or decrease), example write off stock for reasons such as damaged, defective, expired, sample and so on
  • Average cost adjustments



Stock counting process allows data entries via standard keyboard, bar code scanners, portable hand-held terminals or using Aralco's Mobile Systems that can run any IOS and Andriod mobile devices.

  • The physical count does not affect normal operations (eg. sales processing, goods receiving, transfers)
  • The system takes a snapshot of the inventory file that is used to compare to the actual physical count
  • Provides ample opportunity to enter, check and correct count entries
  • Printed count sheets for manual inventory - ideal for inventory by department
  • Handheld computers can be used to scan barcodes
  • Data from handhelds can be imported to back-office directly or via POS terminal
  • Counted items report by store indicates onhand quantities, shortages/overages, cost & retail values of discrepancies
  • Uncounted items report by location shows products overlooked or missing from the count

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Aralco .NET Reporting Engine comes with standard reports and you can create your own inventory reports in various formats. The reporting system is user-definable making it easy for you to build simple ones to any complex reports on any data available in the central SQL database.


Explore Aralco's Reporting Engine



Aralco's inventory module comes with the following stock labeling features:

  • Use EAN, 128A, code 3 of 9, or UPC standards
  • User-definable label layout, data fields, dimensions, font type and sizes
  • Print barcodes from purchase orders, goods received, store inventory records or manually by product code
  • Product and shelf labeling
  • Create system-generated barcodes or you can add unlimited manufacturer barcodes to each product

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