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Retail Back Office Systems


Aralco is a Retail ERP software solution designed for retailers including distribution and ecommerce businesses, suitable for both single and multi-location management.

The Aralco Back Office System offers real-time data processing from any workstation located remotely from the central database server which can be hosted on-premises or at data center of your choice. 

Information such as price change or markdowns, new customers, new products, promotions, etc are automatically synchronized (immediatelty) to each POS station.

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Retail Back Office System

IRMCS helps retailers move beyond standalone retail POS unifying their retail stores, distribution, finance and ecommerce streamlining operations with real time visibility to achieve optimal productivity.



Aralco is a Retail ERP software solution designed for retailers, distribution and ecommerce businesses, suitable for both single and multi-location management.

The Aralco Back Office System offers real-time concurrent data processing and reporting from any workstation located remotely from the central database server, hosted on-premises or at any data center of your choice.

Any price changes or markdowns, new customers, new products, promotions, etc are synchronized immediately and automatically to each POS station.

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The Aralco's built-in custom application tool gives you additional power to create screens with user-definable data fields.

Many key areas of the database such as Customer Profile, Product Profile and Special Transactions have the option for the end user to create their own industry specific fields of information to help them customize the best fit for their business environment.

Example, in the apparel retailing, you need to have your customer’s information such as size, color preference, trend, likes and dislikes



This custom application tool is extremely flexible, and retailers can create data capture specific to their industry. Aralco's clients from different indusries such as pets grooming, watches, footwear, consumer electronics, grocery, furniture stores, etc around the globe have benefited from this unique feature.

Custom Fields:

Unlimited number of user fields can be attached to the customer, product and transaction files which would also be available to the Aralco report generator system for filtering and reporting.

Example, you can process reports to list customers name, address and phone numbers who are of a certain size, like a certain color and have no allergies to wool products and use this list for selective email marketing, or filter information on warranty commitments on products sold. 

Document Management:

Attach and store documents such as Excel/ PDF/ Word format, pictures, videos with Aralco central database, protected with user access controls.


  • Staff employment letter, passport photo,image of passport attached to the respective staff record
  • Rental agreeents, floor plan or renovation agreements attached to the store location record

This is a paperless central document storage solution available in Aralco Retail Systems - an efficient way of storing information related to your suppliers, employee, customers, contacts, projects and any transactional records.



Aralco offers Data Import Utilities and Services from a client’s previous system such as:

  • Customer Profile Records
  • Product Master Files
  • Inventory Values by Location
  • Supplier Information
  • Past Sales
  • Customer Purchase History

These files can be provided in MS Excel format which we supply the templates for and import new client data.

We can also provide a Data Import Utility to existing clients for ongoing data import from their supplier’s product lists to keep their system updated with the suppliers’ latest products and pricing.






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