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Retail Back Office Systems


Aralco Back Office System (BOS) offers real-time data processing from any BOS workstation located remotely from the central database server which can be hosted on-premises or at the data center of your choice. 

The main server supports multi-user connections hence BOS workstations are connected to the central database concurrently, Upon saving of new information at any BOS workstation such as price changes, promotions, customers, or products, the latest data synchronized immediately to each POS station via the Internet or network.

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Retail Back Office System

IRMCS helps retailers move beyond standalone retail POS unifying their retail stores, distribution, finance, and e-commerce streamlining operations with real-time visibility to achieve optimal productivity.


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The Back Office System (BOS) is the nerve center of the Aralco program which includes product setup, inventory management, purchasing, receiving, transfers, return to vendor, adjustments, report generation, inventory and shipment history, customer profiling, staff performance, sales forecasting and performance projections and more. 


Aralco BOS software has multi-user capability that allows back-office and store users to access real-time data on the central database server for concurrent data queries, data processing, and analytics.


Together with a wide suite of back-office software modules, Aralco automates every aspect of your back-office processes and optimizes productivity and efficiency from the back office to every store.


So let Aralco help you and your employees take your business operations to the next level.




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