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Telecom SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk


Telecom SIM Card
Dispensing Kiosk

for 24/7 Customer Service Automation


Wavetec’s fully integrated self-service platform, complete with modular hardware, sophisticated middleware, and a telemetry platform, promises market-leading flexibility and customization to self-service projects for telecoms worldwide.



SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk users





KYC Instant SIM Card Issuance Kiosk


Wavetec’s SIMVEND SIM Card Issuance Kiosk allows customers to register for a new SIM card in a matter of minutes, 24/7 at any location.


With KYC Instant SIM Vending kiosk, Telecoms can now replace branches and offer 24/7 service accessibility. With our mobile money module, the self-service solutions act as a full mobile money agent with Cash-in / Cash-out capabilities. 


In Many Locations, Over 60% of Transactions Happen Outside Standard Working Hours.


SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk Model Number: SIMVEND


Be Where Your Customers Are!


Data from Self-Service Vending Machine Deployments



Wavetec’s industry-proven Telecom Self Service Solution will help your businesses save money, promote growth and create a “value proposition” for your customers. 


The smart self-service vending solution operates as 24×7 customer service points and supplements your existing sale channels while empowering your customers to enjoy a frictionless engagement on-demand.


Our back-to-back fully integrated “smart solution” creates an omnichannel seamless experience while ensuring total management control and confidence. Solution features include capabilities to instantly issue & activate SIM cards, manage top-ups, and undertake a full array of wallet-based banking.


In addition, our software modules include real-time business intelligence, enhanced KYC processing, machine health monitoring, and inventory management.




Face Detection Via KYC Integration


Our kiosk solution offers a complete self-service customer experience while maintaining the highest levels of service delivery, efficiency, and quality.

Wavetec Instant SIM Issuance Kiosk is equipped with out-of-the-box functionality that captures fingerprint, iris, and facial biometric data using Wavetec’s best-in-class software platform.



SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk Solutions





SIM Card Dispensing Kiosk with full HD Displaydisplay targeted messages, 
keep it informative, engaging, and relevant



The kiosk software solution offers a state-of-the-art enterprise-level signage platform to display targeted messages, attract the audience’s attention, and enhance your sales revenue.


The turnkey signage software has a separate component for designing and scheduling, that provides organizations with advanced tools and canvas to create and manage content on the fly, and also to keep it informative, engaging, and relevant.







Self-service Kiosk Systems for Customer Service AutomationMeet ViaOS – A New Era of
Sales & Customer Service Automation


ViaOS is a modern customer experience platform built for self-service. ViaOS is an enterprise platform, designed to enable the development, deployment, management, and monitoring of a network on self-service units.


ViaOs technology is helping telecom businesses with automation and streamlining services. ViaOs offers a wide range of functionalities that are used by specialist retailers such as telecom providers.


Enable your customers to perform transactions such as purchasing SIM cards or bill payments on their own, and the kiosk's touchscreen display elegantly guides them through the entire transaction using predefined workflows.

Read more about ViaOS.


Read about ViaOS software for self-service kiosk solutions




SIM Card Dispensing KiosksTake your store to your customer, wherever, whenever
with Smart Self-Service Kiosks



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