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Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA)

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The ICA identifies and confirms the identity of local and federal government authorities on behalf of the government. Since 2017, with the arrival of the Federal Decree-Law No. 3 of 2017, ICA expanded its functions to include citizenship affairs, passports, entry, and residence of foreigners in the state.


With this increased footfall and the need to raise customer service standards, ICA looked to queue management as a means of streamlining their processes and serving clients well and effectively, in terms of time and quality of service.


The data they possess and require for daily operations must be centralized so as to make it more accessible and communicable. That was then and now is a similar yet very different story. With the pandemic and the new restrictions it brought with it, ICA needs managed queues, centralized information, and visitor management more than ever. Customer and staff safety is paramount.



Solutions deployed


The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship trusted Wavetec solutions in their EID offices for over 5 years before installing the same in their immigration offices. Today, they are still clients, having deployed the following Wavetec solutions, and notable features in their 55 Dubai offices:


  • Donatello Digital Signage Solutions

    Direct, guide, and inform visitors with clear and eye-catching displays.

  • Electronic Queue Management System (EQMS), integrated with the Prime Minister’s Office’s ‘Happiness Meter"

    While managing queues in a safe, contactless, and swift manner, EQMS also takes in customer feedback. This is integrated with the PMO Happiness Meter that allows the Prime Minister’s office to ensure the highest quality of service is available.


  • Dataactive Solution

    This is responsible for both strategic future forecasting and planning and staff allocation. It contains the following modules -

    a. The forecasting of future demand,
    b. Staff allocation for optimized resource maximization,
    c. Bench-marking branches and competitors using data, ranking them by performance.


  • Online Appointment Scheduling System

    Book, cancel, reschedule an appointment with ease and from a distance.




  • Branch Manager Operating Application

    This feature allows for managers to keep an eye on customer wait times, follow up on performance issues and take relevant action. This application has escalation levels regarding problems – which means that with the rising seriousness of an issue, higher levels of management staff will be informed.


  • Top-performing counter status analysis and display

    Combining dashboards and reporting with digital signage, this feature sees tellers motivated by a display of the highest performing staff member of the day.


  • SMS Notifications

    These are used to disseminate information and alert the receiver with regard to branch management monitoring (notifications via the app, SMS, or WhatsApp) and with regard to the vending machine. The latter would occur if the customer had been kept waiting for a long period of time, and management apologized by way of a free snack.


  • Vendi Vending machine

    This allows visitors to snack while they wait, and is integrated with the QMS so that customers who have an unusually long wait can avail of a free snack by way of apology.







Compared to the system previously deployed, Wavetec provides a fully integrated solution with improved software capability and better reporting and analysis.


Trust in a system is a fine thing, and it is seen in action in this case as more branches are being added to the fold. The committed pervasiveness of this system means the head office and its many branches are all interconnected in the information ecosystem.


Hinting at future plans, we have it on good authority that Datactive solutions will soon be deployed. The future is interconnected and analytical, we learn from our experiences.




Spectra insight


Wavetec’s Queue Management System is powered by Spectra, an enterprise software that integrates with all peripheral devices to minimize customers’ efforts across all channels and touchpoints.


This ensures a seamless experience every time a customer visits ICA. This system can also be tailored to the specific needs of the client, as ICA too customized their features. Using the internal chatting system facilitated by the TSU, tellers, and staff can communicate securely so as to streamline client experience and reduce the time they spend per customer. Departmental referrals are also easier and better informed.


Having installed digital signage solutions, ICA chose to integrate them with their employee performance monitoring system, to foster healthy competition amongst their staff. While our dashboards and reporting ensure maximized resource allocation, ICA management tactics drive it to the finish line.



The Wavetec guarantee


  For us, a customer is not just a number. We aim to help our clients deliver personalized, one-of-a-kind services to their customers by understanding their needs, and catering to them with consistent and improved service flows.

We are proud to create integrated service areas to deliver seamless experiences at ICA service centers.


Tobias Bessone, Deputy CEO










The government authority provides residential identity cards and registration programs to UAE citizens.