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WhatsApp Marketing Conversations


Marketing Made Easy with WhatsApp


Leverage the most widely used messaging app to reach your stakeholders.








Introducing WhatsApp Marketing Conversations






Built for Two-Way Communication


With WhatsApp, you have the ability to send your customers to push notifications in the form of personalized WhatsApp messages.








Harness the Power of Conversations




The best part is, your customers are more likely to open and interact with this message unlike any other notification sent via SMS, an app or over email.









Connect with Customers Personally



This makes WhatsApp a very effective marketing tool that can be leveraged by any business that has a database of customer contact numbers.











Monthly  Active Users


75% of USERS

Want To Communicate With Businesses via Messaging



Than Other Digital Marketing Channels



In Customer Engagement









Important SMS messages with delivery info often get buried under all the spam and promotional texts.
This is no longer a concern with WhatsApp push notifications as there is no spam on this platform and customers can receive delivery updates without having to scroll through their messages.
With WhatsApp, these exchanges can be very dynamic and interactive too.



Increase access to medical services and updates by deploying WhatsApp and connecting with patients on their favorite messaging app.

Easily send marketing push notifications to your database of patients and instantly convey medical test results and reports.

With interactive WhatsApp push notifications, patients can rest easy.





Governments can use WhatsApp Marketing Conversations to send large-scale communications related to the public interest.

These communications can be with reference to things like upcoming elections, global health crises, lockdowns, traffic updates, amber alerts, and so on.

These conversations can also be interactive in case citizens want to know more on the subject or have any questions.




WhatsApp Business Solutions


Wavetec has a catalog of WhatsApp-based solutions designed specifically for business use cases.






Wavetec has 200+ employees spread over 9 offices globally

WHY choose wavetec

Wavetec products are deployed in over 70 countries around the globe


Wavetec has more than 150 enterprises clients and over 500 SME clients and government agencies


Wavetec is the world's first company to launch WhatsApp Queuing



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