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E-commerce API

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After decades of providing reliable retail solutions, Aralco has had retail clients going online and they required their e-commerce websites to integrate seamlessly with the physical store's retail systems so that they can operate both channels efficiently on one platform.


Aralco closes this gap with Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating websites and e-commerce - developers has since collaborated closely with Aralco's team to plan, build, and deploy an automated infrastructure for popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify and WordPress, to ensure products, inventory, and order data is seamlessly synchronized with Aralco's system.


In addition to development and deployment, our business analysts ensured the inventory management and order fulfillment workflow was efficiently designed, especially for retailers offering same-day delivery. Front line sales, warehouse fulfillment, accounting and office administration, and delivery logistics staff were considered when architecting the solution.


Aralco continues to work closely with clients and developers providing innovative and seamless retail solutions. Let our teams provide you the expertise and infrastructure to integrate your physical store's retails systems to the web, including 24/7 infrastructure monitoring to ensure critical retail systems and online store works around the clock. 






Aralco Retail Systems - Product Master File
Information of products synchronized to the web/E-commerce server are:


  • Product Name 
  • Additional Product Description - long names with 4000 characters that can be used for product specification or any other purposes
  • Product Categories
  • Product images
  • SEO Description and Keywords
  • Product Prices
  • Promotion Prices
  • Product web status for Promotion, New Arrivals, etc
  • Packagings' weight and dimension for freight calculation during checkout when applicable
  • and any customized outputs



Besides product managment on one platform, other essential areas are unified with the main retail systems:

  • Inventory (On Hand)
  • Customers
  • Sales
  • Price Zone
  • Promotions

Extended integration can be applied to the web on the following Aralco's software modules:

  • Loyalty Points
  • Gift Card
  • Gift Registry





With Aralco, the server communicates real-time or latest data on products, promotions or markdowns, inventory, sales, customers' loyalty points across retail & e-commerce on one single platform.

This gives you seamless operations from all the automated business processes, resulting in high productivity outputs, data visibility & efficiency across the enterprise.

As a result,  it prevents any out-of-stock situation so that your employees are able to retrieve web orders quickly to fulfill them on time and accurately, and the same online customer can shop at your brick-and-mortar store with the same account and privileges.  



Retailers we've successfully integrated include:

Audain Art Museum

Beyond Nutrition

DOT Lifestyle Concept Store 

Little Farms Grocery Store 

MJM Furniture

West Coast Kids