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Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

Apparel, Footwear & Bags Retail software, Store POS Systems with real-time inventory & CRM centralized management.



PUMA chooses to queue the Wavetec way, 

powered by our WhatsApp Queueing software



Holiday queues




ZARA, Apparel Industry leader keeping customer experience & safety a top priority


Apparel is the hardest hit of the retail sectors of Europe, but Inditex managed to end 2020 with its head well above water. How was this possible?


Business Brawn


FCB Megastore



Wavetec redefines Checkout Experience at FCB Megastore with UNO-Q and Donatello Digital Signage






The Problem at Football Club Barcelona (FCB) 





A behemoth of a retailer comes to terms with an unprecedented pandemic, equipped with improved and safer queue management solutions.


Pre-Covid hopes


Whistler Village Sports Ltd




For more information about inventory, CRM and POS software from Aralco Retail Systems and the successful deployments at Whistler Village Sports Ltd's stores, check back this page soon.