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Wavetec SafeQ - People Counting

People Counting System


SafeQ is an Automated Crowd Control Solution


SafeQ People Counting System is a technological initiative that can measure, optimize & manage occupancy limits.



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Prioritize Customer Safety,
Ensure Business Continuity
With People Counting Management


Many businesses around the world have to comply with government guidelines and restrictions on the number of visitors allowed in pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals, banks, and other essential public service areas.



Smart & Reliable Solutions from Wavetec


SafeQ is a cost-effective, easy to deploy the solution, designed to ensure optimal customer footfall. It consists of:


People Counting Camera & Real-time Occupancy Monitory Systems
Real-time dashboard & Reporting System



Why Choose Wavetec SafeQ People Counting Solutions?


Help your business grow with a global industry-leading solution provider. Wavetec’s Visitor Management solutions ensure customer safety and help manage huge crowds.



Analytics & Real-time Reporting
Avoid Congested Areas
Simple & Quick Installation
High Accuracy Data
Reduces long queues
Optimize Workforce
Standalone, yet Scalable
Automatic alerts when occupancy limits exceed


People Counting Simplified


Wavetec’s people counting platform offers a world-class cloud solution. With our state-of-the-art counting sensors, real-time analytics of occupancy limits with 98% accuracy, we help businesses unlock their full potential.



 People Counting System with Queue Ticketing Integration  

Real-time reporting & Analytics


Protect User Anonymity

With 99% accuracy, count and track customers entering and exiting your business premises.

Our unique visitor tracking and counting software provide real-time data relating to occupancy levels.



Wavetec’s people counting solution is GDPR compliant and protects the anonymity of all your customer data.







Setup Zones

Wavetec’s people counting solution can be installed at multiple locations and can be managed centrally.

Users can access the cloud platform and can remotely access and analyze all occurrences and occupancy data in real-time.



The platform allows users to manage and subdivide the monitoring area into smaller zones.

This helps in ensuring and setting occupancy limits according to defined regulations.



Endless Marketing


Integrating with a digital signage platform allows you to manage and customize your brand on all digital screens.




Capacity Limit & People Counting Systems

How Does People Counting Work?


People counting, also known as footfall counting, visitor counting, customer counting, or door counting, is achieved using 3D imaging technology.


This is state-of-the-art image quality, effective even in low-light sensitivity and extremely low latency.



Optimize Business Operation
4 Simple Steps


Help your business grow with a global industry-leading solution provider.


People Counting System & Automated Capacity Limit ControlPeople Counting System with Queue Ticketing IntegrationPeople Counting System & Automated Capacity Limit Control
Install people counting device Configure device at entrance & exit points
People Counting System with Queue Ticketing Integration  
People Counting System & Automated Capacity Limit Control People Counting System & Automated Capacity Limit Control
Collect count data Collected data is analyzed and presented via dashboards and reports






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People Counting FAQ



People Counting Applications


  • Restaurants: Maintain occupancy limits in your establishment and measure your marketing effectiveness


  • Shopping centers: Manage customer flows and record foot traffic data, and calculate conversion rates 


  • Airports: Monitor passenger numbers for analysis and better staff planning purposes 


  • Libraries/Educational Institutions: Record student and visitor traffic efficiently 


  • Supermarkets: Ensure that you are collecting all the relevant customer flow data for management needs 


  • Public Transportation: Calculate passenger numbers accurately for insights into improved passenger flow, and occupancy through the route 

About visitor counting technology


People Counting technology makes future planning simple and clear. By monitoring footfall statistics, it allows you to calculate your store conversion rate and footfall patterns, see how you fare compared to others in your industry, and optimize layout plans and staff placements.


All this is geared towards ensuring your customer experience is seamless. Limit long queues and collect high accuracy data.



People Counting Sensors


People counting sensors are devices that count and monitor the numbers and flow of people visiting public spaces like airports, shopping centers, restaurants, and libraries, etc. This solution gathers data by counting the number of people entering and exiting these spaces – done by measuring their sizes and movement.



Technical features


  • 3D high-resolution camera
  • Bi-directional counting
  • Large area monitoring
  • Web GUI & camera management
  • Auto calibration
  • Counting accuracy of up to 99%


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Customer Feedback System - Opinion Plus - integrated with Queue Ticketing & People Counting

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