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Customer Management

Aralco's Customer Management software module is extremely comprehensive and interacts with all modules and POS systems in real-time. With its customer-centric features, this tool can help boost profits in the long run by enhancing customer retention.


With one main database shared in real-time across locations, the back office users or any store employees with BOS/POS access rights can view the customer data anywhere at any time.


The system allows only authorized users to edit restricted and permitted areas of customer information.



ACCESS customer data & Transactions in one place




Tab Functions



Store information such as Salutation, First and Last Name, Addresses, Phone, etc.


Information on additional demographic profiling user-defined by you for your industry


Information such as Account Balance, Credit Limit, Terms, Recurring Fee, etc.


Information such as multiple shipping addresses, contact details, etc.

Credit Note

List available active credit notes issued by the store POS

Gift Certificate

List available active gift certificates issued by the store POS

OS Transactions

List active sales orders, layaways, quotations issued by the store POS


List customer purchases


Points activity log


For integrating Aralco's customer data to the e-commerce website



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