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Mexico | WAVETEC

HSBC Mexico Implements Wavetec’s Queue Management Solution to Enhance its Customer Experience



The Opportunity


To manage a huge customer base, HSBC required an advanced customer experience with scalable branch banking solutions. Maintaining customer queues gets challenging with an excessive number of walk-in clients. Also, without proper facilitation of customer flow management solutions and queuing solutions, the quality of service provision is affected.


Therefore, to avoid customers lining up in the wrong queue, and resolve the customer complaints generated as a result of the delayed service, a standard queue management solution is implemented.





We are proud to announce that HSBC Mexico has rolled out a national project across its growing network of branches, with Wavetec’s Queue Management solution. Grupo Financiero HSBC is one of the leading financial and banking groups in Mexico, with 948 branches.


It is currently deployed in more than 100 branches across Mexico, all of which are equipped with the very best in class, advanced, and intelligent queue management solutions. Also, 200 systems are in line to be installed in the current year to achieve the banks’ target.


By implementing Wavetec’s enterprise customer journey management solution, HSBC will be able to decrease wait times and improve customer journeys across its branch network. The solution is configured on the premises to optimize and cut back on customer waiting time and transform potential sales into guaranteed ones! Personalization is assured and customer experience enhanced.


Wavetec’s queue management solution also provides comprehensive insights and data on the performance of tellers, wait times, traffic data, and the patterns that emerge from this – to allow for better resource allocation during peak and off-peak hours. This is achieved with the help of centralized dashboards and reports made accessible to branch and head office management.





The main purpose of implementing Wavetec’s customer journey management solutions is:


  • To reduce waiting time and no-shows for HSBC customers,

  • To centrally control and measure the performance of all branches,

  • To identify HSBC customers via their credit card or biometric information, thereby offering more personalized services, and,

  • To display product offering service offerings, using queue data, to customers while they wait.



Customer Journey


Upon arrival, HSBC customers use their bank cards to get priority tickets on the 17-inch self-service kiosk, ensuring that all customer information is securely available to bank staff, and further allowing them to offer more personalized service, and immediately.






One of the world’s leading financial services organizations, HSBC is successfully serving 40 million customers in Wealth and Personal Banking, Commercial Banking, and Global Banking & Markets. HSBC discovers and delivers unique expertise, capabilities, breadth, and perspectives to enhance customer experience and offer new kinds of opportunities to them.


The HSBC network is spread over 64 countries covering the regions of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Latin America.