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Ministry of Justice, KSA

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Saudi Arabia | WAVETEC QMS


Ministry of Justice, KSA
Opts for Wavetec
Queue Management Solutions

to Reduce Wait & Service Times



The Opportunity


The Ministry of Justice was facing high volumes of foot traffic from visitors, the majority of which was concentrated at the entrance of the branch and the waiting areas. Given social distancing concerns, they needed to control and reduce waiting and service times.


Additionally, their previous queue management system was not of the quality desired. They required a system with improved SLA and maintenance.





The Ministry of Justice chose to deploy the following Wavetec solutions:


  • 17” Ticket Dispensing Machine with dual printers

  • 10” Counter Display Screens

  • 10” Customer Feedback Tablet

  • Web-Based Calling Software

  • 55” TV with a Digital Signage Player

  • Dual Counter Status Display Screen

  • Dashboards and Reports



The project was completed in three phases. The first being direct and the last two through our partners. The installation and configuration were performed by the Wavetec team. In total, they ordered 88 systems for 60 nationwide locations.



Customer Journey flow


The visitor arrives at one of the locations and takes a ticket from the kiosk installed at the entrance. The kiosk has 20 categories to choose from with a counter allocated to each category.


The visitor takes a seat in the waiting area and watches instructional videos on Wavetec’s Digital Signage to pass the time and to be better informed. Once it is their turn to be served, the ticket is called upon through the counter display unit installed on top of each counter.


The visitor is served and leaves their feedback on the tablet at the counter. The feedback is accessible to management on the Spectra portal.



Benefits of the Solution


  • Enables social distancing

  • Reduced actual and perceived wait time

  • Optimized service times 

  • Easy-to-use and to install

  • Facilitates satisfactory visitor experiences

  • Contactless, self-service solutions

  • Greater operational flexibility and efficiency 

  • Higher employee productivity levels

  • Standalone and scalable







The Ministry of Justice is a government agency in Saudi Arabia that was established in 1970 by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to oversee the administration of the country's court system.


The main role of the Ministry is to monitor the Saudi courts and fulfill their financial and administrative requirements.