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Self-service Remittance Kiosks


Remittance Kiosks for 24/7 customer service automation at any location.

Fast and Easy Funds Transfer On the Go


A simple and innovative self-service remittance kiosk to help your customers remit money abroad and back home. Self-service remittance kiosks have the advantages of speed, convenience, and 24/7 availability to send money back home to loved ones. 


Wavetec’s Self-Service Remittance Kiosk removes the need for customers to stand in line or wait for assistance. The kiosks are simple and fast to use allowing customers to send remittances – quick and easy. Just enter your bank card, insert beneficiary details and successfully transfer money back home.




Remittance Kiosks for 24/7 customer service automation at any location.Reinvent the self-service experience with Wavetec's Remittance Kiosk to enable on-demand access to a money transfer mechanism that enhances every customer's experience.


With robust. compact, easy to install design, and an easy-to-use customer interface, the Remittance Kiosk streamlines customer flow and makes the process of money transfer flexible and simple, saving time and minimizing queues at your branches.





Connection through a secured internet link to aggregator server

Friendly LCD touch screen

Multi-lingual support

Wavetec provided and the bank's hosted server connected to the bank's MW

PCI approved chip and magnetic card reader ENV approved level 1 and 2 certifications, PCI 3.0 approved PED (pin-pad)



Benefits of Remittance Kiosk solutions





The Smart Connect Middleware solution allows a graphical view with complete transactional activities at each machine. Smart Connect provides a single integration point for all kiosks and devices, accelerating returns on investment by improving device availability, driving replenishment efficiency, and dramatically reducing time to market for new initiatives.


Detailed, comprehensive reports with live analytics and dashboards

Modular, extensible platform with modules for telecom companies and banks including inventory, trip management, and predictive replenishment

Open API specification for seamless integration with existing devices

Alert generation through SMS and emails


Network diagram of Remittance Kiosks & bank's secured hosted kiosk server




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