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Public Services




With the unwelcome arrival of the pandemic and the turmoil it subjected many European countries to, including Spain, it became clear that the way things had been done was no longer satisfactory enough.


Changes were needed specifically in public institutions, like the City Hall, where the new regulations regarding occupancy limits and social distancing had to be adhered to – to make likely service center visits more secure and to set an example for other institutions and businesses.


It was likely that queues would form for necessary services, and the City Hall is the center of administrative life, much work had to be done to ensure adherence to protocol.


Queues in Madrid, a far cry from the customer-oriented solutions adopted by Colmenar



A sweet deal for staff and customers


Colmenar City Hall chose to work with Wavetec solutions to streamline and digitize their appointment scheduling and queueing, with the aim of optimizing staff allocation and reducing the time citizens spent waiting, all while following government and health guidelines.


Working tirelessly with Wavetec's partners in Spain, Wavetec was able to deliver promised solutions and engage safely with citizens.


The proposed solution, and that which the client agreed to, is as follows:


– WhatsApp Queuing,
– Online Appointment & Scheduling,
– Kiosks for non-digital clientele,
– Integrated Donatello Digital Signage,
– Turnstile integrated with QR,
– Customer Calling Application and,
– Spectra-Reporting & Dashboards.


All of which were deployed within a week, serving both digital and non-digital customers and fulfilling occupancy and social distancing protocol.


The aim of improving customer experience and ensuring their safety is paramount to every business, and to be able to deliver that is a guarantee Wavetec takes seriously and personally.




Customer Journey


Prior to the customer's arrival, Wavetec allows for institutions like the Colmenar government to provide omnichannel appointment scheduling via their website, options for rescheduling and cancellation (with the hope of reducing no-shows and late arrivals), calendar integration, and a link for ease of check-in (QR code or self, assisted). 



Real-time Notifications


The customer can also look forward to SMS, email, or push notifications to remind them of the upcoming appointment as well as a system that is integrated to understand and serve in Spanish. These can also arrive through Whatsapp, a popular app that is part of an integrated virtual queuing solution that has guaranteed efficiency in practice.




Actionable Feedback


As the day of the appointment dawns, our web queueing facilities allow citizens and staff to track queue status in real-time and send and receive notifications and feedback via email, website, or Whatsapp. This also opens a channel of communication with the citizen, easing the way for honest and workable feedback.



Customized Business Rules and deployment


Here staff can customize the business rules to suit their unique setup, with options ranging from service selection, logistics help, and segmentation rules, to automatic transfers. This scheduling system simplifies the configuration of business rules, be it days, time-slots, and their lengths, capacity, branches, and service type, amongst others. They are also equipped with reporting dashboards, a customizable web interface, API and development platforms, and the ease of customer base integration.


For further clarification of how the customer experiences the process, the below illustration should be of some help.




The Wavetec Experience


From when the citizen considers visiting the City Hall, to them physically being served and leaving, Wavetec and the solutions our team provides, support the entire process.


It is not simply enough to demarcate perimeters for customers to stand in or provide curbside service, for we aspire to keep all that can be kept normal, the same. In times of sudden and unexpected change, customer care is that which remains unparalleled and untarnished.






Famed for its proximity to a sizable number of beehives, Colmenar, named appropriately so, is a suburban city in Malaga, Spain. The history of Colmenar can be divided into the Roman and Arab occupations, the remains of which are both visible in the architecture of the town.


The Church of Assumption (built in the 17th century), perched atop the hill upon which the town is situated, is the highest point – interestingly the width of the streets is an indication of how close you are getting to the City Hall, and the town center, for they narrow down as altitude rises. The City Hall is the nucleus of Colmenar, built as a typical village house and home to various different bureaus and municipalities.