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Etihad Airways

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Wavetec’s Queue Systems help Etihad Airways

Speed-Up its Employee Service Centre




Project Requirements


Etihad’s employee center is a primary resource touchpoint for all its employees. The center offers services and information on employee benefits, payroll, health insurance, visa & government services, and much more.


Considering Etihad is a very versatile and global airline, it employs people from every part of the world. This results in massive footfall where HR staff finds it challenging to cater to all requirements in optimal service time.



Our Solution


In order to facilitate Etihad employees experience better service quality and eliminate crowded waiting areas, Wavetec’s queuing solution was integrated. After a detailed understanding of customer requirements and user flow, Wavetec installed and integrated a complete Wavesphere solution which included Queue Management System, Digital Signage, and Customer Feedback Unit.


Etihad Employee Service Center attracts a huge number of employees due to which service center was getting extremely crowded. Employees of Etihad Airways were going through a great deal of hassle due to long queues and increased waiting time. This led to frustration among employees hence Etihad Airways was in desperate need of a proper flow management system.


Wavetec implemented its complete Wavesphere solution which follows the philosophy of Organize, Engage, and Measure. This philosophy helps companies implement a holistic approach thus enhancing customer experience at key touchpoints.





A complete queue management system was implemented which comprised of an interactive touch screen kiosk with a functionality of a dual printer. The dual printer functionality ensures smooth operations as it acts as a backup printer when the paper roll finishes.


Queuing system is also comprised of counter display units that are used for customer calling and have the functionality to show messages in both English and Arabic to cater to a diverse employee base of Etihad.


Once the ticket is issued the employee waits for his turn. As his turn approaches, his number is called and is also displayed on the counter display unit so he is directed to the right Etihad Representative.


Company operators use a customized customer calling software that is installed on their computers and then linked to the main reporting system which ensures real-time dashboard reporting. The system is a complete enterprise solution for Etihad service centers. Managers are able to access centralized reporting systems from any location and are able to monitor key performance indicators. The system is also intelligently integrated with Etihad’s KPIs thus, generating real-time alerts when service levels are gone down.






Donatello, a complete digital signage solution was also implemented at Etihad employee service centers which are then integrated with Wavetec’s queuing system. The integration allows the LCD screen to show real-time queue information, therefore, making waiting areas more informed and engaged.


Donatello ensures an effective digital communication platform for employees in wait and reduces their perception of the waiting time by providing relevant information.






Gathering feedback is integral for any service organization, especially Etihad. In order to serve employees better and understand service downfalls, Wavetec installed Opinion Plus, a customer feedback system that allows employees to give their input and feedback on the service.


While being served, the employees can register their complaints and suggestions/feedback which is then displayed on a real-time dashboard at the management level. Furthermore, the performance of each operator is linked to the feedback provided by Etihad employees by integrating it with Wavetec’s Queue Management System.


Wavetec’s Queue Management System installed at Etihad now allows employees to experiences a clear and visible flow with real-time reporting mechanisms, thus reducing uncertainly and increasing operational efficiencies.







Etihad Airways is the national airline of the U.A.E that came into existence in 2003 by Royal (Amiri) Decree. Just in 10 years, Etihad has not only built itself as the world’s leading airline but also has developed into one of the fastest-growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation.