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Retail Systems for Furniture and Lighting Stores


Furniture retailers need to carefully control their furniture inventory and pricing, manage multiple furniture vendors, and maintain accurate and detailed order and sales records. That’s why our Furniture Point of Sale Software helps you manage your furniture store business from controlling out of stock inventory to organizing customer loyalty programs.

Seasonality and changing trends in the furniture industry make it important that your inventory stays current and accurate. Our order management system will help organize and manage all outstanding orders from all locations that both the warehouse staff and store operators can access. 

The Point of Sale (POS) System offers the "best of breed" solution built for the furniture including lighting industry. Each POS comes with an essential feature  - real-time data synchronization with the central database server and this allows you to access current information always at any time.





  • Purchase order  management
  • Supports multiple suppliers per product
  • Supports multiple manufacturers' bar code numbers per product
  • Unlimited main and sub-category set up for the product such as Brand, Country of Origin, Collection, Fabric, Material, Rooms, etc
  • Allows you to sell and ship from another location at the POS
  • Manage picking and delivery due date for planning and prompt fulfillment of customers' orders
  • Customers' special order management throughout the system (stamped on Purchase Orders and Goods Receiving).  
  •  Standard order quantity is used in P.O. for supplier standard order quantity  
  • EDI capability between POS to Back Office to external systems (i.e. Manufacturing Plants) 
  • Multiple warehouse support  
  • Multiple company support  
  • Zone specific product pricing 

Processing Fabric Option with Price and Cost Jump at the Aralco POS





Product Configurator is ideal for furniture products where it is not possible to display example model of a 5-seater sofa in a showroom with all the different type of leather, fabric, legs options, etc to choose from.

It is also not possible to create these options as different SKUs since there are so many combinations which are not ready stock.  

Hence this module makes it easier to set up these options tied to a product model, simplifying sales processing for customers' choices with auto-costings and the price jumps at the Aralco POS.







Comprehensive Inventory Lookup with real-time data on stock units at hand by style number with drill-down to colors and sizes available, movement by locations at any POS or Back Office System (BOS) workstations. Inventory Lookup is also available within the checkout process allowing the cashier to instantly engage the customer on the current stock availability.




To ensure the efficient use of inventory on SKUs, Aralco Retail Systems has the standard re-ordering system to prevent over-ordering thus reduces the needs for clearance markdowns:


  • Pre-set ideal inventory levels by product and location are ideal for retailers who order repeat items
  • Model stocks by store type allow multi-location operations to reduce data entry and monitoring
  • Reports of shortages/overages in current on-hand-levels provides alerts for management
  • The report also shows shortages/overages at different store locations to drive transfers of product from over-stocked stores to under-inventoried locations





This module is particularly a must-have tool for retailers with large inventory lines or a large network of stores as it can help recommend stock order or transfer requirements. The data generated is quick and accurate based on actual sales history, sales trend, stock at hand and numbers of days stock is required for. 

The three options available are:

  • Auto Purchase Orders  - for re-stocking goods
  • Auto Stock Transfer - allocation for a new shipment of goods
  • Auto Stock Transfer - stock balancing among stores to manage over/under stock and broken size/color





Aralco Retail Systems comes complete with all the tools for your inventory needs in the Back Office Systems (BOS) application, available at any POS and BOS workstations. Most of the stock processing functions can be recorded using the standard keyboard, barcode scanners, portable data collectors or mobile devices (IOS and Android) :

  • Purchase Order (foreign and local currencies)
  • Goods Receiving
  • Inter-branch Transfer 
  • Stock Physical Count (full and cyclical)
  • Returns to Vendor
  • Quantity Adjustment
  • Average Cost Adjustment


Depending on your company policy, any of the above stock processing functions can be centralized or decentralized, and only authorized users are able to access each stock function.




Aralco's Inventory software module comes with a versatile price labeling systems for printing barcoded price labels with a range of barcode thermal printers, and to any laser printer for A4-paper size labeling for the display shelves.

Each label format is user-definable while label rolls available on plain rolls and swing tag, and you can have as many label types or sizes needed for different product categories such as sofa, tables, beddings, accessories, etc.


Aralco's labeling supports the following data outputs:


  • Alphanumeric product code or style numbers
  • System barcode number or manufacturer barcode number
  • The unlimited product description on multiple lines when required
  • Product categories such as brand, collection, etc
  • Product dimensions such as colors and sizes
  • Regular or markdown Prices


Electronic Shelf Labeling (ESL) is also available with Aralco Retail Systems, please click here for more information.





Aralco's CRM is extremely comprehensive and interacts with all modules and POS systems in real-time. With its customer-centric features, this tool can help boost profits in the long run by enhancing customer retention.


  • Sales history with full receipts
  • Sales order tracking with full receipts
  • Accounting details ( perfect for corporate customers )
  • User-definable customer's demographic profile, recording size, color, preferences etc.
  • User-definable reporting on customer purchase history and demographics for email targeted marketing 
  • Email Broadcasting with email merging capability
  • Membership card system with user-definable member group and privileges
  • Membership and loyalty card systems are interactive with a webcam to capture a picture of the customer for in-store card printing


User Definable Customer Demographics CRM




Aralco Retail Point of Sale (POS) Software System runs in your retail stores with its own secured local database and functions independently of the central Back Office Server and fail-safe should there be Internet disruption.

Aralco offers comprehensive functionalities never available before in a single POS solution - easy to use and suitable for furniture retailers of any size.

  • Inventory Lookup -read more
  • Real-time data communication -read more
  • Order entry at any location  
  • Automated minimum-deposit calculation on orders (user-definable by percent of total) 
  • Offered price (before or after-tax) automatic discount calculation  
  • Optional gross profit percent calculation at POS at the time of price negotiation  
  • Customer orders with multiple partial payments, at any location  
  • Customer order partial-pickup and payment  
  • Order cancellation (entire or partial)  
  • Optional deposit refund upon cancellations  
  • Total flexibility to modify customer orders  
  • Order lookup at back office or originating store  
  • Customer order arrival notification upon goods receiving  
  • Order fulfillment and invoicing -read more
  • Auto sales order import to purchase order
  • Quotation management




Let Aralco manage and track your receivables and any outstanding payments from your customers seamlessly as the POS software is fully integrated with the Aralco back-office systems' accounting.


  • Manages deposits, credit limit, credit note, payment status of invoices and sales orders to generating Statement of Accounts.
  • Accounting interface options to Accounts Payable and General Ledgers






Create multiple rewards plans to attract new customers and drive up repeat visits to your stores.


  • Fully automated point calculation and redemption at each POS terminal - processed real-time seamlessly with data synchronized with the central Microsoft SQL database server and across stores via the Internet.
  • In-store loyalty card printing with member's photo and barcoded ID or magnetic stripe encoding






  • Gift Card is unlike the traditional gift voucher which comes with a fixed amount, customers can buy and “store” as much or as little as they like on the Gift Card, making it the perfect gift for any occasions for the card recipient. Any unused balance encourages repeat visits to your stores.


  • Gift Certificate can be in the form of a pre-printed voucher or PVC card with QR code or serial number, and your customers can purchase it at any dollar value as a gift to their friends or associates. The gift recipients can redeem them at any of your retail stores' POS and the Back Office Server verifies each Gift Certificate real-time when presented for redemption.


  • Gift Registry program is for customers who select desired merchandise at your store for their wedding, baby shower, etc and you simply registered them at the store’s Aralco POS. The list of items in the registry is then made available to their group of friends and retrievable at the Aralco POS for their purchase at any store location.





  • Package sales such as buy any mattress with a king-size bed get a bundle price
  • "Special price" control by time, the day of the week
  • Preset quantity discount by a group of items for upselling example buy any defined 3 lamp shades for $600 and save $99.
  • An automatic discount of older models at a markdown price





  • User-definable promotion name with preset start/end date and discount values, filterable by brands, product categories, seasons, suppliers or range of SKUs
  • Discount coupon management
  • Email broadcasting for electronic direct mail to your targeted customer base such as regular newsletter, promotions, announcements, reward points statement
  • Conditional Promotions such as PWP example buy above $15,000.00 gets any selected two-seater sofa at 30% off.





The user access security in Aralco Retail Systems is role-based, simply assign each user to a user-defined BOS (Back Office Systems) and POS user groups such as Sales Associates, Supervisors, Store Managers, etc.

Within each BOS or POS group, you can enable or disable functions for users in the respective checklist - read more.


  • Aralco POS has an option for fingerprint scanning to identify staff for time attendance, log in and access rights to void transactions, refunds, discount, etc - read more
  • Employees at the retail store are able to log in to the BOS to perform tasks they are authorized to do so such as stock transfers or adjustments, print barcode labels, raise a purchase order to suppliers, etc
  • Passwords and access levels can be changed from back office as and when required by your back office administrator




Aralco Reporting Engine comes standard with 150 standard reports which are user-definable and you can create new reports easily on your own without any programmers. Important reports for furniture business such as Sell Through and Stock Ageing by seasons are available.

Besides reporting on the current year, you can generate year-on-year data on SKUs and any categories to compare historical performances as there is no limit to how much historical data can be stored in the SQL database server.

Here are some of the key features for flexible and deep reporting:

  • Tabular, Summary, Matrix, Chart & Cube reporting options
  • Create your own formulas in the reports
  • Report E-mail Scheduler
  • Supports images of products and customers
  • Interactive with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word and PDF
  • BI Dashboard (Microsoft Power BI)


Your back office administrator can set up security access rights on reports by divisions of your company such purchase department, accounts department, etc as well as by individual employee.




Aralco offers mobile solutions for simple and functional POS including stock processing features such as Purchase Order, Stock Transfers, Receiving and Stock Count - useful for pop-up stores, events, and store-in-departmental store format.

The mobile solution is highly flexible,  user-friendly and it can run on any IOS, Android smartphones or tablets and handheld computers. 




Furniture and lighting retailers who have extended business channels such as wholesale distribution, as well as the online store, will find the perfect fit in Aralco Retail Systems. With the same central Microsoft SQL Database, Aralco is able to unify all your retail stores, distribution and E-commerce divisions on one single platform in real-time. 

With the single platform, retailers will benefit significantly from the seamless workflows, gain total visibility from the back office to every business divisions - resulting in rapid operational growth with the improved efficiency and productivity.



Read more about Aralco POS Systems | Interface Options List 



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