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QMS - Government





Transforming Government Service Areas


Government service areas typically experience long queues, resulting in visitor dissatisfaction. Increasingly, government agencies are seeking to improve customer service, to enhance their visitor's experience.


In other areas, advancements in technology and service delivery systems have improved; this has correspondingly led to higher public expectations from Government services.








Positioned to Success


The process of welcoming and serving customers commences the instant the customer enters your office premises.


Wavetec’s queue management system smartly manages queues at any customer interaction point, enhancing a customer-centric approach whilst improving efficiency.






Proven technology solutions for successful public governance


A well-managed government complaint and feedback system can benefit the State, as data generated provide an opportunity to learn as well as build a strong service culture.

Our touchscreen and kiosk solutions are ideal for key points, giving customers an opportunity to provide instant feedback. Both table-mounted and kiosk versions can be custom designed to include the functional and user interface of the software.






Telco deploys SIM Card Dispensing Kiosks
Telco deploys SIM Card Dispensing Kiosks






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