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In this section, we have a collection of posts on retail management and POS software and queue management systems (QMS), hardware and subjects relating to IT technologies on retail and queue industries.





Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with Wavetec’s enterprise queue management solutions.


Wavetec’s customer experience solutions are based on the Wavesphere Philosophy that aims to ORGANIZE, ENGAGE & MEASURE waiting and disconnected service areas and enhance customer experience at key touchpoints.


Excessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of dissatisfaction in banks, retail stores, hospitals and government institutions.


Wavetec is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of queue management systems globally and possesses over 27 years’ experience of helping organizations improve their customer flow and manage queues with virtual and linear queuing solutions, queue displays, appointment bookings, queuing app, queue information, and a sophisticated queue management software.


Queue Management Systems have been almost synonymous with Digital Signage Systems, usually simple numeric ones to display ticket numbers and guide customers to the point of service.

Organizations are now integrating their queuing systems with multimedia displays to display ticket numbers and guide customers to their designated service counter.


With the smart integration of Donatello Digital Signage Suite and Wavetec Queue System, you can predict your custmer needs, personalize their experience with customizing and interactive content along with real-time queuing updates through synchronizing multi-channel interactions.


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