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Data Communication Network

Aralco developed and uses its own communication engine server where all Aralco POS and Back Office workstation synchronizes data automatically in real-time to and fro the remote central SQL Server over the Internet within a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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Data Communication Network

  • Secure Communication Network
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI


The Aralco Retail Systems is designed to work in a large multi-store network or in a simple single store operation. Aralco is capable of multiple registers within one location using local area networking (ideal for department stores or multi-lane grocery operations), or single POS register in each location.

Aralco POS terminals communicate with the Back Office Server via the Internet or through direct local area network - the two-way data communication takes place every few seconds giving up-to-date information all the times on every aspect of your business.

Data exchanges or synchronization between the central server and each POS stations are encrypted in the Virtual Private Network (VPN), thus securing your real-time data always.


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Fail-safe & Real-time Data Communication Network

Each Aralco POS stores its own data on its hard drive to maximize its reliability and independence on the server or other devices.

If the Back Office Server is inaccessible or the Internet connection is not functional, the POS terminals will continue to operate independently (off-line) without interruption until the communication is fully re-established where the program ensures that any missing data is synchronized immediately.

Aralco architecture for data communication is superior in its concept and design offering you high efficiency and reliability. Being fail-safe, Aralco gives you perpetual retail operations without interruption so that you can focus on maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.



Secure Data Communication 

Aralco Retail Systems offer two-way data synchronization between the server and each Aralco Retail POS Terminals within a virtual private network (VPN). At IRMCS, we offer Managed IT services such as virtual private servers, virtual PCs, data hosting services with maximized IT security protection for your organization:

1. Your data is secured and protected from any attempts at hacking or private data breach – as all internet-facing servers are deployed in locked down mode, with only required services and features installed and enabled, and firewalled to permit only authorized services.

2. Your data which need not be publicly-accessible directly is further protected from public scrutiny – via a separate and private local area network (non-Internet accessible) is employed to permit communications to back-end database, application and storage servers, and runs at 1GBps.

3. Your data transmiited over the Internet via VPN are encrypted to protect your sensitive data against "data sniffer".


In our last 8 years of operating our data centre resource, IRMCS is pleased to note that there has never been a successful hack, nor any successful attempt to access confidential data.





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