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IRMCS specializes in the distribution, implementation, and support of Retail Management Systems. One of our main mission is to help retailers unify their single-store or multi-store operations including wholesale, in-store, and e-store on a single platform as defined in our company name IRMCS − Integrated Retail Multi-Channel Solutions, facilitating a seamless and real-time solution for centralized inventory and customer management.


Since 2008, this has been delivered through advanced and dynamic Aralco Retail Systems created for vertical sectors in the retail industry.


Queue Management Solutions from Wavetec FZCOIn 2020, IRMCS expanded its services beyond the retail sector and partnered with Wavetec FZCO to deploy its innovative queue management solutions across diverse industries − from retail and healthcare to education, banking, telecoms, and government – in any space that requires sophisticated queue solutions.


In addition, IRMCS offers other specialized digital solutions from Wavetec in the areas from signage software and hardware, financial market LED ticker displays to self-service kiosks for KYC SIM Card Dispensing, Reverse ATM, and Remittance solutions.

Enterprise Queue Management from Wavetec


At IRMCS, we consistently uphold the high standards that our clients expect of our products and services and deliver on our promises on time, every time. 





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