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Donatello Vertica Digital Display

Donatello Vertica Digital Signage Display Systems


Donatello Vertica maximizes the impact of your content at key customer touchpoints. The free-standing signage solution is an all-in-one 40” display with a sleek and slim design for a multitude of indoor and semi-outdoor environments.


The sleek Donatello Vertica opens up a world of opportunities for you to engage your customers, amaze & inform them. Wavetec’s free-standing digital signage comes with a sophisticated design to deliver media-rich experiences and offers durability to last a lifetime.


A display with the right content design will attract the attention of your customers and convey your message aptly, thus Wavetec brings to you a range of packages to help you create amazing and effective canvases.



Full HD Videos and ImagesSchedulingIntegration Services ToolArray of Canvas TemplatesVideo Camera and Analytics





Maximize the Impact of Digital Signage


Vertica seamlessly and effectively manages your digital signage content helping you better promote, target, and deliver media-rich experiences to your end consumers. This dynamic solution engages your customers with an impact and conveys rich media content, which is branded and tailored across all display screens.

Donatello Vertica is great for attracting customers’ attention in busy, high-traffic areas. The sleek display has a scratch-proof tempered glass faceplate for added durability and comes with two screen variations, touchscreen and passive for a wide array of applications.





Incredible software to control your digital signage and connect with your customers

With vast experience in delivering customer experience solutions, Wavetec understands your digital signage needs and aims to deliver impactful solutions to help you control, manage and operate your digital displays. 


Donatello Vertica Network Diagram


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We have wide-ranging expertise in display solutions to help you create highly interactive media experiences and empower you a step further with your digital signage. Find out more below about Donatello Vertica's technical specifications.


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