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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software System comes as a standard module in Aralco Retail Systems, extensively integrated from the back office to the POS Systems.

One of the special features is the demographic profiling of customers where a screen and each field are user-definable to fit perfectly into any industry, example capturing their favorite brand, color, fabric; sizes they wear; preferences; allergy and prescription, etc. 

Along with this, the following details are tagged to each respective customer in the central database:

  • Sales Transactions and History
  • Pending Sales Orders, Quotations
  • Loyalty Points Balance
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounting
  • Gift Certificate
  • Credit Note
  • Shipping Addresses


Create a new or edit a customer at the back office or at the POS or download Google Form in Excel format to import new customers frequently via the Aralco's Data Import Wizard.



From the Back Office System to Aralco POS and Mobile Systems you are able to lookup customers with real-time data by using the following filter or search options:

  • Customer's Account Number
  • Customer's Phone Numbers
  • Customer's Email
  • Customer's First and Last Name
  • Customer's Addresses




With Aralco's CRM tracking customers' activity at the store, all important sales and profit data including profiling can be filtered and summarized by customer and customer groups with Aralco's comprehensive .NET Reporting Engine


The reporting is so powerful you can report on any information available in the central database such as spending and purchasing patterns of a customer across months or years, or who have not been shopping since a particular month or period, etc.



Aralco's CRM software built into its POS systems is one of the best available in the market with all the rich functionalities you will need to engage customers deeper and wider from the back office to the POS checkouts.

Retailers can certainly benefit even more with Aralco's extended modules purpose-designed for customers' retention and to increase revenue such as the Membership, Loyalty Points, Gift Certificate, Gift Registry, and Gift Card Programs.



Contact IRMCS for more information on Aralco's Retail CRM Software System integrated with its POS Systems




The POS Conditional Promotion Management module is a versatile tool from Aralco that allows retailers to set up discounting and promotion rules in the back office that will be applied at POS at the time of customer purchase. 
Conditions can be set up as follows:
If a customer purchases a certain quantity of items or minimum purchase amounts from a department or sub-departments/categories, they will receive a preset number of items at a percentage or dollar discount for the same or any department or sub-department/category or a specific brand or a range of brands. 
There are optional settings such as a restriction to stipulate that in order to receive the promotion rewards, customers must purchase items at a full retail price rather than discounted values. Also, there is a setting that can be set up so the ‘reward’ items should be of a lesser value than the least expensive item in the ‘purchase’ condition.
Conditional Promotion Management is in addition to the standard promotion modules already available in Aralco Retail Systems to help you manage all sort of promotions, even complex ones accurately at the store POS such as:
Aralco Retail Systems gives you extensive POS promotion features on a single platform, and the Conditional Promotion Management module adds even more power to your marketing campaigns. It becomes so easy for your marketing team to plan, set up and executes conditional promotions at the POS on SKUs or on broad product categories - brands, seasons, departments, etc, and even on purchase total such as spend $300.00 on any items in one receipt to get a 'reward'.
With the flexibility of running concurrent buying and selling conditions, your store employees will have powerful promotion tools to further engage customers and upsell to them seamlessly at every store.
Conditional Promotions protect your margin with conditions to maximize your revenue and profit. Here are two examples of promotional conditions for a specified period and stores on regular-priced items: 
  • Buy $200 worth any footwear, except consignment footwear
  • Get 20% discount on the footwear, except consignment footwear
2 - BUY 5 GET 2 FREE
  • Buy any 5 pcs of Accessory, Bags, Apparel, and Footwear
  • Get 2 pcs of Accessory, Bags, Apparel or Footwear for Free (whichever least or most expensive as defined)