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Gift Card Management at the POS

Retail stores can now roll out their own in-house Gift Card Program with Aralco Retail Management and POS Systems. Unlike the traditional gift voucher which comes with a fixed amount, customers can buy and “store” as much or as little as they like on the Gift Card, making it the perfect gift for any occasion.

Gift Card is a great marketing tool all year round delivering new traffic to your stores from your existing customer base generating gift card recipients for you.



Aralco Back Office System (BOS) is also the Gift Card Server centrally manages gift card processing real-time for all your store locations and virtual store if any. Our central BOS server integrates seamlessly with Aralco POS enabling your staff to sell, issue, redeem, and query gift card balance.


  • Gift Cards are valueless until sold and activated at the POS
  • Recipients of Gift Cards can use it for purchase at any of the retailer’s group of stores
  • Customers do not have to consume the full value in one single purchase as per a gift voucher
  • Recipients of the Gift Card add new traffic to your stores
  • Balance on the Gift Cards encourages repeat visits.
  • Refunded values can be credited to the Gift Card to ensure that it stays within your business
  • Sales of the Gift Card gives retailers significant advance payment, thus improving cash flow
  • Customers who fretted over what present to get for someone special, or even a business associate will likely find your Gift Card Program the most perfect gift solution for all occasions.
  • Gift cards help establish awareness of your brand 



  • Debits from and credits to the Gift Card value are done in real-time at the POS by the BOS Server in your headquarters or data center
  • Current information on history and balance status of each Gift Card is always available at any BOS workstation and POS terminal
  • Extensive reporting on used or unused card, balance or history of each card are available in the central BOS Server
  • Value on Gift Card can be re-loaded or topped-up at the POS.
  • Gift Card processes are fully automatic at the POS.
  • Supports in-store printing of gift cards with Zebra card printer ensuring sufficient stock for sale always
  • End of Day POS Report summarizes Gift Cards sold clearly along with other sales information. 
  • The Gift Card Program requires zero administration and is hassle free.


Video on Gift Card By Aralco Retail POS Systems




Choice of encoding gift card number on the magnetic stripe or just print bar code for identification, along with your brand images and terms and conditions.

Back view of Gift Card. Beside magnetic stripe, bar code can be applied for gift card number.





Zebra PrinterAralco Retail Systems integrate with Zebra card printers for on-the-spot in-store printing of gift card, membership and loyalty card to enhance the customer experience.

Affordable, easy to use, fast and compact, the latest ZXP Series 3 printer provides high-quality direct-to-card printing and encoding. Print on one side or both sides of the card with high quality color or monochrome images, and deliver professional-looking gift or loyalty cards.

Connect Zebra printer easily to any Aralco POS or BOS workstation.




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