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Retail & Ecommerce

Inventory Software For Apparel Footwear Grocery Specialty Retail Store Management

Aralco Retail Systems gives retailers the power to access real-time inventory and sales information, so they can make sure store locations have stock always for their customers.

No matter which industry you are in, the Aralco Inventory Management Software has all the functionalities needed to manage stock easily and accurately with its multi-location capability and modules for different product types.


Posted Date: Jul 9 2019

Retailer Unifies E-commerce With Aralco Retail POS Solutions

DOT is the lifestyle and multi-label chain-store retailer and distributor carrying sportswear, footwear, bags, and accessories from international brands such as Adidas, Puma, Hellolulu, Nixon, Herchel, New Balance, Anello etc.

In 2015, Aralco Retail Management and POS Software Systems were successfully rolled out at DOT from Head Office, warehouses to all retail stores to overcome inadequate inventory control and limited functionalities of their previous pos software. 

Posted Date: Aug 22 2018

Ecommerce Sites Integrated with Aralco's Centralized Inventory

There are many of Aralco's clients who have embarked onto integrating their website and ecommerce, streamlining their business operations since 2015, with Aralco's main retail channel's inventory database.

Posted Date: Aug 16 2017

Unifying Retail and All Business Channels

Many retailers still treat the in-store experience as completely separate from the online experience which frustrates customers. This prevents retailers from capitalizing on opportunities for cross-selling, upsell and improved customer loyalty. Running business channels with separate software systems results in poor productivity and low accessibility to information.

Posted Date: Feb 26 2017

Retail Management System with Website and Ecommerce Solutions

Araclco CMS/Ecommerce development tools is now built into Aralco Retail Management and Point of Sale Systems after 3 years of extensive software research and development in Canada. 

With this system development, Aralco unifies in-store POS, CMS, on-line store, customer, marketing, inventory, order and finance management on a single platform.

Posted Date: Jul 23 2015