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Welcome to our blog, IRMCS is the retail POS specialist with 20 years experience in the retail industry.

In this section, we have a collection of posts on retail industries, retail management and point of sale software features, POS hardware and topics relating to IT technologies for retailers.




Real-time data is about input data being processed such as creating new products, promotional campaigns, good receiving, etc or when a POS completes a sales receipt on products sold. Within milliseconds, this information becomes available immediately to the retailer including current status for customers' loyalty points, inventory values, sales and profitability performance across the enterprise. 



Real-time information is critical to maximizing analytic for the retailer to extract current and valuable insights, enabling them to make data-based business decisions accurately and quickly to stay on top of the business.

Therefore, adopting real-time Retail POS Systems is to have a complete IT infrastructure for your entire business, and the capability to:

  • Centrally control everything from Head Office
  • Streamline your existing business operations from the back office to stores
  • Manage your merchandise, inventory, and customers efficiently
  • Grow your business without IT restriction and POS limitation


Aralco Retail Management and POS Systems


IRMCS offers Aralco Retail Systems, a multi-user management solution, and the real-time Aralco Back Office applications are connected concurrently to the central Microsoft SQL Database Server via LAN and the Internet.

Aralco Retail Systems also supports real-time communication capability between the SQL Database Server and each POS stations. This communication feature is automatic, reliable and robust in data synchronization across the organization’s network of computers, POS stations, and the main database server, ensuring information accessed by users are always current and accurate.

In the event of any disruption to the Internet connection, Aralco POS software continues to operate independently at the respective store on its local database. Once Internet connection returns, data are automatically synchronized between the server and the point of sale systems. 



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Multi-location Inventory Management

Purchase Management

Conditional Promotions Management

Distribution and Accounts Receivable Management

Customer Relationship Management

Member Card and Gift Card In-Store Printing Solutions

Loyalty Programs and Gift Card

BI Dashboard

Real-time Centralized Store & POS Management

Cash Management with Note/Coin Recyclers

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Systems 

In-counter Scale + Scanner

Weighing Scale + Bar Code Printer

Customer-facing Display Solutions: 2-Line and 10" screens

Traffic Counter

Accounting Custom API Interface

E-commerce Custom API Interface



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IRMCS recommends the best enterprise-grade POS hardware and peripherals for any retail store regardless of the environment. Enterprise-grade POS hardware is made for speed and robustness, and stores can run these equipment 24/7 reliably.




Besides high performance, POS hardware from IRMCS are also selected for their stylish look - they will fit into your checkout counter nicely with the sleek ELO touch monitor, telescopic pole display and the compact (SFF) CPU unit takes up less of your precious counter space. 

IRMCS also offers a range of compact and stylish thermal receipt printers with the fastest printing speed available on the market, at 300 mm per second.




The SFF CPU unit can run on Windows 7, 8, 8,1 or 10 Pro version, 64-bit operating systems with its i5 or i7 processor, and we added in 250 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) and 8 GB Ram to maximize performance on the POS terminal.

With the high performing CPU unit, store managers are able to run Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, Outlook etc concurrently with the Aralco POS application without any compromise on speed.

This model features metal casing, aluminum top cover as a passive heatsink and has fanless system design. The passive heat sink has no mechanical components and is 100% reliable. Passive heat sinks are made of an aluminum-finned radiator that dissipates heat through convection, and it works to their full capacity when steady airflow moves across the fins.



Serial Ports 4 x external COM ( w/ +5V, +12V selectable )

USB Ports 6 x external USB Ports

mPCIe 1 x internal

Ethernet 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps (RJ45)

PS/2 1 x PS / 2 Keyboard / Mouse port

VGA 1 x DB-15 VGA Interface

Parallel Port 1 x DB25

Audio AC’97 Codec Audio

Cash Drawer 1 x RJ11


Power Switch 1 x Power Switch


Dimension (WxHxD) mm 200 x 230 x 70 mm


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