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Retail POS Systems

Gift Card POS Systems | Card Printing Solution

Gift card is the perfect gift solution for your customers and it is also a great marketing tool for you all year round to add drive new traffic from the gift givers - your existing customers, whenever they purchase gift cards for their family and friends. 

Aralco Retail Systems has a complete Gift Card module built into the POS with real-time communication with the Back Office Server.

Posted Date: Jan 13 2019

Automatic Product Identification Using Camera at the POS

Tiliter Technology has created a breakthrough product called the Tiliter Vision. With highly successful results across many different environments the Tiliter Vision System is able to detect any fruit or vegetable placed in front of the device and is easily integrated into any Point of Sale (POS) or Self Checkout (SCO) system with further advancement allowing any product put in front of the Tiliter Vision Camera to be identified with extremely high accuracy. 


Posted Date: Jan 7 2019

Apparel Clothing Footwear POS Systems

Clothing, apparel and footwear retail stores can have a high turnover of inventory to keep up with the latest trends as well as seasonal products. It is important that you have accurate point of sale and inventory management system that can keep your business organized.

No matter what your business size is, Aralco Retail Systems offers a complete Apparel annd Footwear management software that is functional and feature-rich from back office to retail stores and E-commerce.

Posted Date: Dec 21 2018

Aralco Mobile Systems & Socket 800 Series Bar Code Scanners

Socket 800 Series of mobile scanners allow you to attach it to your smartphone for a one-handed solution with Universal Klip, Klip Case or DuraCase. You'll have a convenient, one-handed solution that's easier to carry for any stock processing!

Posted Date: Nov 8 2018

Single POS & Multi-Lane POS Checkouts Retail Store

The Aralco Retail Management Systems is designed to work in a large multi-store network or in a simple single store operation.

Aralco Retail Systems is capable of multiple registers within one location using local area networking (ideal for department stores or multi-lane grocery operations), or single POS registers in each location, communicating via the Internet to the main SQL server located in your head office or in any data center.


Posted Date: Oct 7 2018