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Retail POS Systems

Apparel POS Software - Essential Inventory Features

Apparel Retail SoftwareMany POS systems do not have adequate inventory features needed to manage m

Posted Date: Oct 12 2021

POS Fingerprint Scanning Enhances Security & Speed

Aralco Retail Systens has a ready interface for biometric fingerprint scanning option to secure staff daily check in/out attendance, and all sensitive areas at the pos such as voiding, refund, discounting and etc.


Posted Date: Sep 11 2020

Grow Customer Loyalty with Aralco POS


The philosophy behind a customer loyalty program is simple: Repeat customers are rewarded and businesses increase sales. It’s a basic but powerful strategy. Whether the goal is to continually increase sales or to jumpstart sluggish revenue, customer-loyalty programs appear to have become a staple for many large corporations.



Posted Date: Sep 8 2020

POS with E-commerce & CMS Integration


Merge your physical store & virtual store with data bridging from Aralco Retail Systems to your website/CMS for real-time and centralized management of product catalog, pricing and sales with unified CRM and loyalty programs on one platform.

Posted Date: Aug 20 2020

Real-time Data - A Critical Feature To Have In Retail POS Systems

Real-time data is information that is accessible and visible immediately to all users within seconds, not hours or days later, after data is recorded such as creating new products, goods receiving, etc. and whenever sales transactions are captured at the POS. 




Posted Date: May 9 2020