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Retail POS Systems

Aralco Mobile Systems & Socket 800 Series Bar Code Scanners

Socket 800 Series of mobile scanners allow you to attach it to your smartphone for a one-handed solution with Universal Klip, Klip Case or DuraCase. You'll have a convenient, one-handed solution that's easier to carry for any stock processing!

Posted Date: Nov 8 2018

Single POS & Multi-Lane POS Checkouts Retail Store

The Aralco Retail Management Systems is designed to work in a large multi-store network or in a simple single store operation.

Aralco Retail Systems is capable of multiple registers within one location using local area networking (ideal for department stores or multi-lane grocery operations), or single POS registers in each location, communicating via the Internet to the main SQL server located in your head office or in any data center.


Posted Date: Oct 7 2018

Real-time Data - A Critical Feature To Have In Retail POS Systems

Real-time data is about input data being processed such as creating new products, promotional campaigns, good receiving, etc or when a POS completes a sales receipt on products sold. Within milliseconds, these information becomes available immediately to the retailer including current status for customers' loyalty points, inventory values, sales and profitability performance across the enterprise. 


Posted Date: Aug 19 2018

POS Terminals for Retail Stores


IRMCS recommends the best enterprise-grade POS hardware and peripherals for any retail store irregardless of environment. Enterprise-grade POS hardware are made for speed and robustness, and stores can run these equipments 24/7 reliably.


Posted Date: Jul 2 2018

Gift Card Systems Operating Seamlessly with Aralco Retail POS

Aralco's Gift Card System was successfully launched in April 2018 at Little Farms' grocery stores in Singapore. Aralco Retail POS Systems are now seamlessly processing sales and redemption of gift cards at any store location. 

Gift Card is the perfect gift solution for customers, as a result they promote and increase new foot traffic at Little Farms' stores all year round. 


Posted Date: May 27 2018