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Customer Loyalty Reward Program

Loyalty Program is a standard feature in  Aralco Retail Management and POS Systems, readily available for retailers to implement their own in-house Frequent Shopper Loyalty Points Systems quickly and efficiently, at every store.  
Aralco’s Loyalty Program is a superb marketing tool giving benefits and rewards to both the retailer and their customers, enticing them back to frequent the stores and earn more rewards as they make more purchases.
It is an effective, proven incentive marketing and a ready-made solution to boost your sales revenue and profit, yet easy to implement and user-friendly. 


Aralco Back Office System (BOS)  server centrally manages reward points seamlessly and in real-time for single or chain store retailers.
  • Loyalty Points encourages frequent visits
  • Loyalty Program establishes brand awareness


  • Simple to use and are fully automatic at the POS enhances the customer shopping experience
  • Choice to identify your loyalty customer by reading the membership card ID on the rear of the card using bar code scanning or magnetic stripe reader at the POS, or search by filtering i.e. customer name, passport number, phone number, etc

  • Points information are printed clearly on the sales receipt
  • Customer's reward balance after points issued or redeemed are immediately synchronized real-time across stores by the central Aralco Server
  • Reward points are placed on the customer’s file, so your frequent shoppers can request for their points balances at any store


  • Points on voided transaction, goods return or refund  are reversed in the loyalty customer account, automatically by the POS systems  
  • End of Day POS Report summarizes  points issuance and redemption clearly along with other sales information
  • Loyalty Program  requires zero administration and is hassle free


  • Create multiple rewards plans to attract and drive up repeat visits to your stores
  • Rewards can be linked to dollar values of purchases or to specific products by departments, brands, categories or suppliers


  • Set your own exchange rate per redemption point
  • Option to disable points for products that are already on sale


  • User-definable reporting on  customer spending at each store, points activities, etc 
  • Email broadcasting of  Loyalty Points Statements to your customer groups



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