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Customer Loyalty Reward Program



Aralco's Loyalty Program is a standard software module integrated from the Back Office Sytems (BOS) to the POS making it ever-ready yet simple for retailers to implement their very own in-house Frequent Shopper Reward Systems.


You can create multiple rewards plans in Aralco BOS or the POS setup to attract new customers' sign up for loyalty rewards, and drive new repeat traffic continuously to your stores





Aralco Back Office System (BOS)  server centrally manages reward points seamlessly and in real-time for single or chain store retailers.

Loyalty Reward Points system encourages frequent visits and establishes an awareness of your brand through social media, word of mouth, and etc.


Loyalty Reward Program prevents or discourages your customers from shopping with competitors thus it reduces the need to compete on price. 

Customer's reward balance after points issued or redeemed are immediately synchronized real-time across stores by the central Aralco Server

Reward points are placed on the customer’s file, so your frequent shoppers can request their points balances at any store


Rewards can be linked-to dollar values of purchases or to specific products by departments, brands, categories, or suppliers

Email broadcasting of  Loyalty Points Statements to your customer groups


User-definable reporting on customer spending, buying patterns, ranking, points redeemed or balance status, and etc.








There is no administration task to maintain the points systems in Aralco so it is maintenance-free and everything is automatic from the back office to store POS!


The central BOS server auto-updates issued and redeemed points from each completed sales transaction (received real-time from remote POS via the Internet and local POS when applicable), and subsequently, the latest points balances of customers are synced back in seconds to each POS by the server.


As a result, customers' points information is always up-to-date at every store's POS - click here to learn about loyalty points processing at the POS.






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