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Customer Loyalty Reward Program

Aralco's Loyalty Program is a standard software module integrated from the BOS to the POS making it simple for retailers to implement their very own in-house reward incentives for customers.


In fact, the loyalty program is so easy to implement with Aralco, simply do the following in BOS or POS:



Set up the number of points per $ on the user-definable product group 
Set up the Point “Exchange Rate”


Points can then be used against the purchase of goods, as a method of tender toward full or part of the amount owing on a transaction.




There is no administration task to maintain the points systems in Aralco so it is maintenance-free and everything is automatic from the back office to the store POS!


The central BOS server auto-updates issued and redeemed points from incoming POS sales transactions and instantaneously, the latest points balances of customers are synced back in seconds to each POS by the server.


As a result, customers' points information is always up-to-date at every store's POS - click here to learn about loyalty points processing at the POS.






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