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Integrating Queuing System with Digital Signage

Queue Management Systems have been almost synonymous with Digital Signage Systems, usually simple numeric ones to display ticket numbers and guide customers to the point of service.


Organizations are now integrating their queuing systems with multimedia displays to display ticket numbers and guide customers to their designated service counter.


Donatello Digital Signage Suite
and Wavetec Queue System


With the smart integration of Donatello Digital Signage Suite and Wavetec Queue System, you can predict your customer needs, personalize their experience with customizing and interactive content along with real-time queuing updates through synchronizing multichannel interactions.



interaction with customers
while waiting


Keep your customers and visitors informed, educated, and engaged in your branch location. Wavetec's digital signage gives you an opportunity to interact with your customers when they are seated in the waiting areas.


The solution allows you to reach out to customers via important product announcements, programs, and advertisements. The active screen area on the displays is divided into a number of configurable zones, enabling customer entertainment, customer calling and instant messaging to play at the same time.



Queue Management & Digital Signage solutions



Queue TICKET Dispensing Kiosks - IRMCSThe signage system can be seamlessly integrated into Wavetec's queue management system, allowing customers to see queue information in real-time.



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Posted Date: Dec 11 2021