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POS Care

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Maintaining POS Printer's Thermal Printhead

Dirt and residue can deposit and build on your Aralco POS receipt printer's print-head over time especially dust and small bits of papers generated from daily paper-roll receipting and auto-cutting.


Without regular cleaning, the residue could become permanent and cause a "barrier" between the print-head and receipts causing reduced print quality.

Posted Date: Jan 23 2023

SFF POS CPU Unit - Heatsink on Top Casing

IRMCS delivers a robust and powerful SFF CPU unit with Aralco POS software and it features a metal casing with an aluminum top cover as a passive heatsink and has a fanless system design.

The passive heat sink has no mechanical components and is 100% reliable. Passive heat sinks are made of an aluminum-finned radiator that dissipates heat through convection, and it works to its full capacity when steady airflow moves across the fins.



Posted Date: Mar 24 2020

ELO Touchscreen at the POS Terminal - Cleaning Guidelines


Any standard glass cleaner can be used to clean the touchscreen connected to Aralco Retail POS terminals, but avoid products containing ammonia.





Posted Date: Feb 12 2017

Fingerprint Reader at the POS Terminal - Care Guidelines

Taking care of your fingerprint reader at the POS is simple - while the fingerprint reader is tolerant of residues left on the reader, it performs optimally when kept clean!


How to Clean the Fingerprint Reader


Posted Date: Dec 12 2016