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Clothing, apparel, and footwear retail stores can have a high turnover of inventory to keep up with the latest trends as well as seasonal products. It is important that you have an accurate point of sale and inventory management system that can keep your business organized.


No matter what your business size is, Aralco Retail Systems offers a complete Apparel and Footwear management software that is functional and feature-rich from the back office to retail stores, with the capability to integrate your E-commerce.


One of the main strengths of Aralco Retail Systems is its real-time capability where the Back Office Server communicates with each POS every few seconds for two-way data synchronization. This gives you real-time data on everything you need to know about your business from customers, performances of stores and inventory to your profitability and bottom lines.








Keep multiple details per product such as size, color, & length with our grid matrix setup.

Keep track of non-matrix items such as accessories or non-inventory items such as repairs or personal shopping services

Create inventory & sales reports filterable and groupable by brands, seasons, collections, or any categories - matrix or non-matrix


Create sell-through and stock aging reports filterable and groupable by brands, seasons, collections, or any categories

Look up inventory instantly by style number and location from any store

Discover your best & worst selling items by style, color, size, and other matrix options


Build a customer database with Aralco's CRM to identify members with user-definable customer demographics and their sales transactions 

Frequent Shopper Programs to encourage repeat visits and loyalty 



Custom Customer Profiling





Read more about Aralco Apparel Retail Systems.




No matter what industry you are in or products you buy & sell, Aralco Retail Systems is bound to meet your inventory & POS requirements for improved & accurate controls. Hence Aralco can eradicate your existing software limitations so that you can focus on growing your business.


Aralco Retail Systems gives retailers the power to access real-time inventory and sales information, so they can make sure store locations have optimal stock levels at all times for their customers.




Aralco's Inventory software has all the functionalities needed to manage stock easily and accurately with its multi-location capability and importantly modules available to support different product types - 



  • Regular Inventory type without a unit of measure for any specialty store (buy and sell as it is or sell a service such as a facial, delivery charge, repair, etc)
  • Product Dimensions for Fashion Apparel, Footwear  (up to 4 dimensions to manage color, size, width or length where applicable)


Apparel Jean Retail POS Systems


  • Weights & Measures for Grocery, Delicatessen, Toiletry 
    (Weights and measures module is user-definable for products purchased from suppliers and sold to customers in different units of measurement such as by weight or length or volume)
  • Expiry Inventory Tracking
  • Lot Numbers for Inventory Traceability
  • Serial Numbering for Timepiece, Appliances, etc
  • Product Configurator for the Furniture industry





Aralco Retail Systems automate your retail operations with real-time sales, inventory & customer data so that you get organization-wide visibility and productivity - this empowers your employees with current information at all times to engage customers better and deeper.






The central SQL Database Server communicates real-time data with each POS giving you seamless operations for high productivity outputs from the back office to store.

Data communicated in real-time are products, promotions, inventory, sales, customers' loyalty points to accounting - well, everything that is needed to run your entire business efficiently.


There are more features in Aralco's Inventory module that you can tap on to improve stock management over any product variations from the back office to the stores.




Contact IRMCS for more information on Aralco Retail Systems for robust Inventory Management, and other comprehensive software features.





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