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Customer Groups

Membership categorization is unlimited and user-definable in the Customer Management software module with Aralco Retail Systems.


Besides identification, these groupings are also useful for filtering in lookup at the back office and POS or reporting for a member group or a group of wholesale customers.


Each customer group or category can have its own price level on products and services or a fixed discount rate as an incentive for making purchases at the store POS. 


During the sales period at the store, the systems will automatically compare the member discount against the sales discount as products are scanned at the POS and it will take the highest discount per SKU for the customer.




For environments requiring to have in-house instant printing of membership cards, Aralco has the interface for Zebra Card Printers to print on single or dual-sided PVC cards.

Design templates can be loaded to Aralco for selection before printing each batch of membership cards.





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