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In this section, we hope you find our blog articles useful and informative on retail and queue management systems, appointment scheduling, digital signage, and self-service kiosk solutions. It includes any related subjects, IT technologies, and market trends.



Certainly, with a big YES! SSDs have finally reached an affordable level to consider replacing the existing hard disk drive (HDD) on your POS terminal and workstation or ensuring your new POS terminal comes with SSD.

Well, if retailers want speedy checkout - the superior performance of SSDs over standard HDDs will be sure to make your POS systems run much faster – and we have yet to meet any user who does not complain about how slow their POS or workstation is, at some point.

SSDs run 3 to 5 times faster than HDDs. For years, our computers’ primary limiting performance has been in reading, writing information from and to the drive, and so this means a major improvement in speed for everything we do with our computers – from startup to shutdown, running software applications to saving documents – everything benefits!

Other important advantages with SSDs:

  • Less power consumption; less heat generated; less weight to lug around particularly on mobile POS or notebook, plus prolonged battery life.
  • No mechanical moving parts and this makes SSD potentially more reliable -but do not stop doing backups!


At IRMCS, we started shipping 128 GB SSDs in early 2014 as part of our standard configuration on Aralco POS systems – goodbye HDDs!





The most ideal retail systems are the perpetual (real-time) ones while batch/off-line systems are just too inefficient for managing today's businesses.

In summary, real-time Retail System offers substantial benefits:

  • Information is always current, accessible anytime anywhere via the Internet
  • Automatic synchronization of information between back office server and POS
  • Better customer shopping experience
  • Improved productivity
  • Eliminates backlogs


If you are among many retailers or wholesalers who need to replace your current batch or off-line POS systems to acquire the above benefits, contact us for a demonstration on our real-time Retail Management and POS solutions.

See comparison table below: