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Retail Technologies & Trends

Gift Card Systems Operating Seamlessly with Aralco Retail POS

Aralco's Gift Card System was successfully launched in April 2018 at Little Farms' grocery stores in Singapore. Aralco Retail POS Systems are now seamlessly processing sales and redemption of gift cards at any store location. 

Gift Card is the perfect gift solution for customers, as a result they promote and increase new foot traffic at Little Farms' stores all year round. 


Posted Date: May 27 2018

Grocery Store with Latest Retail POS Technology, Farm 'N Pantry

There are a growing number of specialty supermarket stores that have a strong focus on imported food products. Do you know how many actually focuses on Australian produce? I can tell you, not many.

Posted Date: Oct 1 2017

Cinema Chain Rolls Out CashGuard Cash Management

Cathay Cineplex opens its eighth cinema at Parkway Parade shopping mall in Singapore this September with the deployment of CashGuard Cash Management Systems for both sales of tickets and food and beverages.

Posted Date: Sep 29 2017

How to Become a "Real-Time Retailer"

Smart technology investments are key to achieving competitive advantage while mitigating risk. 

Advances in technology offer retailers unprecedented opportunities to achieve operational advantages, and these opportunities are emerging across all aspects of retail operations, from engagement with the customer to optimized inventory management and fulfillment.

Posted Date: Sep 20 2017

Retail Giants Losing Ground to Traditional Grocers

For the last few years, traditional grocers in Canada have been engaged in a hard-fought battle with retail giants Costco and Walmart, their lower price points often being quite attractive to cost-conscious Canadians. However, according to recent statistics, the tide may be turning.

Posted Date: Aug 30 2017