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Self-service Kiosks

Self-service Kiosks for SIM Card Dispensing, Reverse ATMs, and Remittance.

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What's a Cash Deposit Machine

In banking, CDM is short for Cash Deposit Machine and it performs the opposite function to an ATM or Automated Teller Machine; it accepts deposits against a customer's bank account instead of dispensing cash from the same account.


CDMs are freestanding kiosks that may be wall mounted as well and they have a very similar interface and user experience to more recent iterations of the ATM.


The Origin of CDMs


Posted Date: Dec 27 2022

Buy SIM cards Instantly From Telco Self-service Dispensing Kiosks

A self-service kiosk enabling the feature of SIM card dispensing kiosk to meet the needs of fast-growing telecom companies. This innovative solution empowers telecom consumers to have 24/7 access to a fast and easy purchase of SIM cards; top-up prepaid mobiles.

Posted Date: Oct 23 2021