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Product Set-up

Aralco Retail Management and Point of Sale System is exceptionally comprehensive yet flexible in the setting up of product type and services.

It is designed to accommodate both small retailers and multinationals regardless of the size of product lines carried, Aralco’s Product Set-up will meet all your inventory needs.

Product and services SKUs created in the back office system are automatically and instantly synchronized to each Aralco Point of Sales station via the Internet and/or local area network.


  • Product codes are user definable, alpha-numeric
  • Supports 200-character product description
  • Unlimited manufacturer's barcode sets per product code for lookup and scanning at the POS
  • Supports multiple suppliers per product
  • Multi-zone pricing
  • Promotion pricing
  • Customer group pricing
  • Bin number
  • Weight volume
  • ​Alert message for reminders, upsell at the POS
  • Minimum and maximum stock level by store and company level
  • Grid inventory by color, size, width, length - product dimension for apparel, footwear, lingerie industry
  • Product Price Jump for furniture industry
  • Serial number for product's warranty tracking
  • Weights and Measures - buy products in kilo and sell in grams, etc for deli, grocery industry
  • Product configuration tools for rental setup by the hour, week or month for the rental industry


  • Product image and sound recording for training, multi-media applications 
  • User definable product information 
  • Non-inventory items and services (postage, repair, grooming etc)
  • User definable and unlimited product categorization such as brand, season, collection, fabric or any categorization specific to your industry 


  • Product linkage to reward point plan 
  • Salesperson commissions % or dollar value attached directly to products 
  • Synchronize product details such as descriptions, sizes, color, pictures, pricing, dimension and volume weight, SEO keywords, etc to your website's CMS/Ecommerce including stock quantity at hand by locations


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