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Accounts Receivable







Retailers and wholesalers will benefit from Aralco's AR module with real-time monitoring and controls over unpaid, partially and fully paid invoices, credit notes, and account payments seamlessly from the Aralco back-office systems to the POS on a single platform - this makes lookup fast and current on all financial activities recorded by individual customer, or simply run a report at any time to collate all the information by store or company level.




Aimed at speeding up finance processes accurately, Aralco comes standard with the comprehensive Account Receivable (AR) module which directly supports:


  • An in-house charge card or account for in-store customers, B2B customers
  • Credit limit control
  • AR Maintenance -
    - View invoices by status such as Not Paid, Partially Paid or Paid
    - Debit and credit issue
    - Posting of payments received against each invoice or by the amount received by cheques, bank transfers, etc in the HQ
  • Credit Note (issued at the POS)
  • Payment On Account (payments for past invoices received at the POS)
  • Invoice aging 
  • Statement of Accounts
  • AR reporting


It is also interactive Microsoft Outlook to let you email Statement of Accounts or invoice to customers within Aralco Retail Management Systems.



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