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With Aralco Retail Systems, your marketing team can plan out product bundling options to encourage your customers to buy multiple products with one bundled or packaged price.


Product bundling can be sold at a discounted price or with an added value or with an attractive gift box or special basket at no cost to customers. 


Ultimately, the strategy is to accelerate your stock turns, increase sales revenue and margin by motivating customers to spend more with highly attractive bundles.



It is simple to set up a package deal


Create a package code and description of the package i.e. Skincare Gift Set, Xmas Special Bundle.

Define the products and quantities to be included in the package table.

Define the total bundle price for the package.

Once saved, the package will be synchronized automatically and instantaneously to each POS station via the Internet.

At the POS, simply scan or input the package code to trigger all bundled products and pricing.



Upon payment, Aralco POS prints out all information about the package and pricing clearly on the sales receipt.




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